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Tips To Protect Your Kids From Heat Stroke During Summer Season

Heatstroke is a heat illness resulting from the loss of the natural ability to regulate body temperature. This occurs when your body absorbs more heat than it dissipates, and your core temperature rises above 40°C (104°F). 

Symptoms are not always obvious in people who are at risk. However, you may experience confusion, lack of coordination, nausea, and fainting. You may also feel tired and weak, and your skin may be red or flushed and dry or hot and sweaty.

If you suspect heatstroke seek immediate medical attention as this can lead to death if not properly managed. The signs of heatstroke are a high body temperature (fever), mental status changes such as confusion, agitation, slurred speech, delirium, seizures and coma; hot, dry skin; lack of sweating; rapid heart rate; and possible unconsciousness. 

If you are out with your family or kids this summer season then here are some tips that may help you prevent your small kids from heatstroke.

Know Warning Signs

Heatstroke or Sunstroke occurs when your body is unable to cool itself sufficiently after strenuous exercise in a hot environment. The warning signs of heatstroke are dry, hot skin, throbbing headache, lack of sweating despite the temperature. 

You should be aware of all these warning signs and make sure that you can easily diagnose that person who is suffering from heatstroke. If you see any signs of heatstroke in your kids then take them to the doctor immediately. 

It is also recommended that if your kid is already suffering from heatstroke then you should take them to the doctor immediately. It is a must because it can be very dangerous for small kids if delayed steps are taken in this matter.

Keep Your Kids Cool

It is very important to keep your kids hydrated all the time when they are out in this summer season. Keep your kids hydrated with small glasses of water periodically throughout the day. 

If you are out on a picnic or a holiday trip then make sure to stay cool all the time since heatstroke can be very dangerous for your kids if proper steps are not taken. 

If you are staying indoors during this season then keep your house cool with the help of AC’s or Fans. Keep your home cool with the latest technology air conditioning Sydney to protect your kids from heatstroke.

Avoid Direct Sunlight

Heatstroke doesn’t care whether you’re active, athletic or just standing in the sun. It’s more likely to affect small children because they can’t regulate their body temperature as well as adults and they dehydrate easily. Young children are most vulnerable because their sweat glands are still developing.

If you are out for any outing with your kids this summer season, make sure to avoid direct sunlight as much as possible since it is one of the major causes of heatstroke that can prove to be fatal for your kids. Keep your kids under the shade of some tree or in the car when you are traveling.

No Workouts In The Sun

Kids aren’t used to strenuous exercise in heat so they get exhausted very quickly and have a hard time cooling themselves by sweat. It’s also harder to detect when children are overheated. 

Their skin doesn’t get red the way adults’ do, and older kids may just say they’re hot instead of showing any other symptoms.

If your kid loves sports and workouts, then it is advised not to do so in the sun during this summer season since it can be very dangerous for your kids. 

Make sure to do such workouts during the evening hours when the sun is down and there are no chances of heatstroke. So, these were some tips that you should follow to prevent your small kids from heatstroke during this summer season.

Cool-Down Your Kid

Since heat stroke causes the blood vessels to expand, the best treatment is to replace some of that fluid with cool or iced water – this will quickly start reducing the body temperature which can save a small kid’s life. Also, you should immediately move the kid to the air-conditioned room. 

Call for emergency help and immediately begin cooling down your child while you wait for paramedics to arrive. Install latest technology ducted air conditioning Sydney at home to keep your room and protect your kids from heat-related problems.

Final Words

Since there aren’t many obvious signs of heatstroke in small children, make sure you know how to spot the danger signs. 

Know that if your child becomes exhausted or has trouble breathing after playing hard outside on a hot day, she could be suffering from heat exhaustion which can lead to heatstroke – so cool her down immediately and call the doctor. 

You should follow the above-mentioned tips to protect your kids from heatstroke and other heat-related problems.