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Golden Rules To Prepare IELTS Exam

Golden Rules for IELTS

When it comes to IELTS preparation, how do you know where to start? There are so many books and websites and teachers but how can you prepare for the exam? check  out some best golden rules to prepare IELTS exam.

Rules To Prepare IELTS Exam

Today, I am going to outline golden rules which will help you to prepare for IELTS.

  1. To watch out for fake promises: IELTS education is turning into a huge enterprise those days, and, many people are prepared to take benefit of eager college students. Visit the IELTS coaching in Delhi platform or Facebook page, and it’s loaded with offering fake certificates and shortcuts for success. IELTS is a trusted test worldwide as it is the exact and fair test of your English ability. You can’t cheat it, and you can’t trick examiners. Many students want to do the following:
  • Recall the essay
  • Hear questions
  • Learn the magic phrase
  1. Explore your weaknesses: When it comes to studying language, we all have strengths and weaknesses, and you must learn to address yourself. That means you have to find out why you’re not so good. For example, you might be bad at writing, or you might always be weaker than listening to what you say. Find out, take IELTS coaching in Delhi for real, or get a teacher to evaluate you. See your results honestly and openly. After this, make a plan to deal with your weaknesses. If writing is always lacking scoring, practice writing a little more and get detailed feedback from a teacher. If your reading is a problem, practice reading more and think about how to manage your time better.
  2. Two – dimensional law: Overseas education consultants always tell my students for IELTS training. Wrote an article last month about it, which you can find here. What does it mean IELTS read two ways:
  • General English practice h
  • Specific IELTS practice

I always see students working on their IELTS exam skills, which is great, but they lack grammar and understanding. No matter how hard they study, their score is always influenced by their poor English. You need to study both general English and IELTS coaching in Delhi. If you’re going to study for two hours every day, maybe reading an hour and listening to the news, and practicing the IELTS exam for an hour. Your general English improves, you can give more time for specific IELTS preparation, but it’s always important to maintain both.

  1. Don’t come for fake tests: In real fact, many of the questions I see online are not accurate for those in real exams. Most apps here in China that students use to prepare to include questions written in wrong English. Of course, they cover up real topics and seem to be real questions, but by reading these false questions, you are assimilating and internalizing bad English. It’s not just China. I watch it all the time. Russian English has a unique quality in which people usually drop articles, and many Russian websites create fake IELTS that write questions.
  2. Feedback: In fact, it is essential that the IELTS coaching in Delhi preparation is very important. Imagine you are preparing for IELTS writing and you will continue making the same mistake more. You will not. For your help, it is impossible to identify and change errors that regularly take students from IELTS success. Ideally, every IELTS student needs a teacher to review your essay for errors. At least, you want a qualified native speaker to give complete feedback. At least, you need a talented friend who has a mistake, and that will signal you in the right direction.