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toll-free number service

Get a toll free number in mins – Unlimited channel capacity

If you want to get the toll-free number in minutes- unlimited channel capacity solution- then a reliable toll-free number service provider will perfectly meet your requirements. The Indian toll-free numbers are in huge demand as they offer several benefits to SMEs and large businesses. These numbers are free for the callers who do not have to incur any cost to contact a business, and the company bears the charges for incoming and outgoing calls. The Indian toll-free number is available with the prefix- 1800. It is an eleven-digit number in the format 1800-ABC-DEFG and is easy to recall.

The Toll-free number service provider will acquaint you with the several advantages that the solution offers. The toll-free numbers provide many benefits to businesses that streamline their business communication and serve customers with better experiences and better products and services.

  • Brand value: Since the Indian toll-free numbers start with 1800, they are easy to recall. Callers find it convenient to dial these numbers as compared to the traditional phone numbers. A company can use these numbers in its various campaigns and enable its customers to engage with them with great ease.
  • Omnipresence: It is one of the most significant benefits as the Indian Toll -free number helps businesses establish 24×7 connectivity with their callers. They can respond to customer’s queries beyond business hours.
  • More Customers: Organisations big or small can get the solution from a Toll-free number service provider to increase lead conversion. The solution enables businesses to get a higher number of calls. Since the number is free for the callers, it encourages them to make the calls, and companies get more leads. They get the opportunity to convert more leads which means more customers and increased profitability.
  • Boost Customer Satisfaction: A business can provide higher customer satisfaction with zero call costs for the callers. Bearing the cost of the calls encourages callers to call them- express their interest in the products and services, get their queries resolved, get after-sales service- they can contact the company for any question free of cost.
  • Effectively Track Marketing Campaigns: A business can gauge the effectiveness of its marketing campaigns with Indian toll-free numbers by collecting customer feedback via surveys and polls. They can get instant feedback and know if they are on the right track.
  • IVR: The toll-free solutions, when integrated with the IVR, helps provide streamlined business communication. The multi-level menus refer to the various possible solutions that customers are looking for, offering an easy and quick resolution of customer queries.
  • Call Routing: The Call Routing facility allows a business to forward the calls to the available agents and connect the callers with the agents faster. Smart call routing reduces customers’ wait time, and a company can provide higher customer satisfaction with faster connectivity.
  • Call recording: A business needs to keep a tab on their inbound and outbound calls and get a comprehensive view to streamline the operations. With the Toll-free numbers, a company can record the conversations and analyse the call logs to evaluate the efficiency of its agents. It can also know the preferences and issues of the majority of the customers. Therefore, it gives them insight into how they can improve their operations and provide better customer satisfaction.
  • Explore New Markets: A company can also invest in affordable premium toll-free numbers and connect with its global audience. It need not incur an elaborate on-site infrastructure with a considerable investment. With cost-efficient toll-free numbers with unlimited capacities, they can generate business in new markets.


The toll-free numbers are embedded with several valuable features that make it a complete solution for promoting business growth. Its capabilities go beyond providing customers with a free call facility and provide several advantages that help to drive more revenue. If you want an Indian Toll-free number in mins- Unlimited channel capacity, then it is advisable to choose a reliable cloud telephony partner that can offer you the solutions on an immediate basis.

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