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Employee Recognition

Employee Recognition: Here to Revolutionize HR Functioning in 2022?

You might have come across the famous saying by Dale Carnegie, “People work for money but go the extra mile for recognition, praise and rewards.”

As we approach the end of 2021 and are getting prepped to welcome the new year, there are several organizations that are suddenly feeling the need to offer their employees the recognition, rewards and praise they deserve.

Back to Office & Employee Recognition

With the entire COVID-19 situation getting better across the world, many companies are ready to kickstart work from the office and welcome their employees back. However, this also brings along the stress of hiring and retaining the best of talent in this fast-competing world. This stress has led to most of the HRs realizing how important it is to provide employee recognition with the best of employee reward and recognition programs.

Considering how tough it is in today’s age to find and retain the right talent for a company, there is a high demand for employee recognition platforms currently and in the coming future. Employee rewards and recognition is now a very crucial factor that the organizations need to make sure to include for their employees so that the various employment levels sustain and end up delivering their best in terms of products and services to the final consumer.

Change in the Employee Recognition Patterns

After noticing the employee recognition practices in most companies, it is noticed that the practices are very unorganized and tend to be occurring on an irregular basis. This is where the problem arises. However, a majority of the employees out there have now realized where they lack and are beginning to consider employee recognition as an activity that is regular, recurring. They have started to integrate employee recognition platforms to ensure maximum efficiency in the entire recognition process as well as to drive maximum employee engagement.

Adopting new technology for employee recognition and engagement can give employers the advantage to never miss the effort of their employees. This helps in providing timely recognition, which can help ensure employee retention along with also driving fresh and talented blood to the workforce.

Types of Employee Recognition

Largely, there are two types of employee recognition. One, peer-to-peer, and the other, top-down. Generally, most employers follow the top-down approach, which involves either a leader or a manager recognizing their employee or employees for their efforts that led to a very good performance, going beyond their work responsibilities or achieving certain milestones with respect to what the company offers.

When companies choose virtual employee recognition platforms for their employee reward and recognition program, they can allow their workforce to enjoy both peer-to-peer and top-down forms of recognition. With the help of these platforms, companies can allow colleagues to motivate and boost each other thereby creating a culture with high employee engagement that makes sure their employees feel content in their journey of reaching the organization’s end goal.

Recognition: Beyond Just Work!

Recognition does not need to be restricted just to the work one does, it can come in many forms. From work anniversaries to work milestones to birthdays, there are numerous ways to make your workforce feel like they matter and are recognized. You can opt for employee recognition platforms that help in making it easy to remember all these timelines with the option of automation.

Employee Recognition and Rewards

These days, with the technology in place, it is super simple to gamify your employee recognition platform. You can opt for exciting motivators and drivers such as adding reward points on top of recognition. You can also add rewards for those who choose to recognize their peers or mentees. Employees will always be more driven to get recognized if they know that there is a reward at the end of it, which can be redeemed across various categories of their choice.

The Bottom Line

There are numerous digital employee recognition platforms out there to make employee recognition and rewards easy. These platforms allow employers to manage everything from A to Z under one single platform while consuming the least amount of time. They also ensure your employees are engaged, motivated and happy to do their job!

Don’t be late to the party, make sure you welcome 2022 while being on top of your HR game and keeping your employees happily retained while growing your workforce too!

About the Author: ADVANTAGE CLUB

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