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education minister Punjab

Does the education minister in Punjab is performing well now?

Education is the most important one for a person to grow well and stand as an independent person on this globe. But, unfortunately, multiple nations are struggling to provide a great education for every people; very few have the chance to get their education in an easier manner. So, when you wonder what the reason behind the struggles in obtaining the basic education qualities is, it might be because of not having the proper ruling there.

How are educations in Punjab now?

Everyone knows how Punjab is developing greatly in India; every kid and adult can obtain educations without any difficulties because of having the right education minister Punjab. It is one of the reasons for the great enhancement of Punjab these days, kids and adults are enjoying their studies because of introducing innovative things in the schools and colleges.

Every facility was provided for the government academies as in private academies in Punjab now. However, even to say the truth, the students in Punjab choose to study in the government academies instead of going for the private academies. Most probably, people underestimate the government academies because of not having all the needed facilities. Still, now education minister Punjab provides all the facilities and implements more updated innovative studies.

Roles of education minister:

If you are interested in knowing the education minister’s name in Punjab, then it is Pargath Singh. Before reaching this minister position, he has performed and done various interesting things. He has played for the Indian hockey team, and what is most important thing is he acted as a captain for the Indian hockey team.

Even though he performed well in sports, either also he performed the best in education too. He has great knowledge about the Indian Railways and has the best relationship with the police department of Punjab. Before acting as an education minister, he has performed many roles by getting elected by the people in voting. He is also a member of the Lok Shaba parliament, and think which political party he is then it is the Indian national congress.

Departments to take care of:

While in the election of the education minister, he has got massive votes from the people compared to the other individuals who had participated in the election. He has a lot of departments to control under him, so for the entire day, he has a lot of responsibilities to take care of.

When you are interested to know some of the significant responsibilities of, then it is Department of open and distance education, the Department of Early childhood education, Procurement and Supplies Unit, Department of teacher education and specialized services, and many more.

After he got selected as an education minister, he hired many experienced and well-knowledge teaching professionals to provide great teaching for the students. So when it comes to the Punjab people’s academics, there are no issues till now because of having an excellent education minister called Pargath Singh.