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Are Hair Extensions Harmful to Your Hair? How Serious Are They?

Most women who are not gifted whose hair doesn’t grow well will opt to get hair extensions. However, some are concerned about the damage that hair extensions can cause them. That is why there are numerous “do extensions ruin your hair” searches on Google and other search engines. Yes, you need to be sure first before putting hair extensions on your head. Honestly, several misconceptions are going around about hair extensions that need to be clarified. This article aims to set the record straight about hair extensions. Read on for more information. 

Do Extensions Ruin Your Hair? 

That is the million-dollar question that we are going to address in this post. Like any other beauty process, you need to understand those hair extensions are only as good as the hairdresser who fits them. If it is fitted by a professional, who gives instructions on properly caring for the extension, no harm will come out of it. 

Initially, hair extensions did not have a good reputation simply because the available options were not enough. For example, clip-in extensions were noticeable in the hair when they were fitted, which gave an unnatural look, making many women uncomfortable. Another drawback of these hair extensions is that their clips were poorly designed, which strained the hair follicles by pulling them at the roots. Nowadays, plenty of hair extensions options don’t harm hair, provided they are fitted with an expert. 

Now that we’ve answered the question – do extensions ruin your hair? – let’s look at what you should do before getting hair extensions. If you are thinking of fitting hair extensions in your scalp, the first thing that you have to do is to look for a reputable technician who has enough experience to fit hair extensions. Failure to do enough research before picking a technician will lead you to a very bad hair day! Let’s look at some of the things that you need to do to prevent hair loss extensions. These precautions should be taken by women before, during, and after fitting hair extensions. 

Take good care of your natural hair

If you want to stop hair loss from poorly fixed hair extensions, it is critical to ensure that your natural hair is in good shape before betting on fitting hair extensions. Your hair should be clean with no hair product build-up, such as hair sprays. To keep your hair healthy and moisturized, you just need to use a hair conditioner. You will keep your hair healthy when you continue to observe this hair care routine before, during, and after you have removed your hair extensions. 

Seek a hair extension stylist 

If you have decided to fit hair extensions in your scalp, the best thing is to approach a professional hair extension stylist who has enough experience in this field. As the stylist fits your hair, pay close attention lest you feel any pain. If you are pulled hard, it will cause you to have a headache. Repeated hair pulling leads to what is called traction alopecia, which is some form of hair loss. This type of hair loss extension can be permanent. You can ask the hairstylist to loosen areas of the scalp that feel too tight. 

Maintain cleanliness 

If you have hair extensions, you need to keep them clean all the time. Depending on the hairstyle, wash your hair accordingly. Remove clip-in extensions before washing your natural hair. Keep your scalp moisturized and hydrated all the time by using a gentle hair conditioner and shampoo. 


Looking beautiful demands a lot of work. Therefore if you decide to fix hair extensions in your scalp, make sure that you keep your hair clean all the time. You should also seek hair extension services or styling from an expert. Failure to follow all the instructions given by the hairstylist may lead to hair loss due to constant pulling. Remember to keep your scalp always moisturized and hydrated with gentle hair products.