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digital agency or freelancer

Digital Agency or Freelancer : How to Make the Right Choice ??

When the time finally comes to pick out marketing partner, many entrepreneurs are left scratching their heads trying to pick between a digital agency or freelancer. An invincible and potent marketing approach is at the center of business success. It is in fact one of the most important aspects to consider when building your business. However, who you partner up with to build a symbiotic marketing strategy will be of the essence and can make or break your branding scheme. Usually businesses have two options – go with a known digital agency or a freelance marketer.

A strong tenacious marketing partner will help you foray into the industry and garner the attention of your target demographic. However, first you will need to go through the onerous task of choosing the best option. Which one supersedes the other? How do you make that choice? And if you HAVE finally picked one choice then which one do you go for? We will answer all these questions in this article.

Making the tough choice :

All you need to do is type the keyword, digital agency or freelancer, and you will get reams of Google search results naming digital agencies or freelancers from all over the world. It is important to remember that one marketing professional (a digital agency or freelancer) cannot possibly fit every business. You have your business values, and industry niche that you operate in. Similarly, every marketing professional will operate in a specific niche, hence you have to make sure you pick the one who functions in yours.

For instance, one digital agency in USA might know the healthcare industry’s digital marketing mechanics by the back of their hand but might become discombobulated if asked to maneuver the fashion industry.

Let’s start with basics – digital agency or freelancer

Sometimes just knowing what is at the core of each of the two digital marketing units can gear us towards the ideal choice. Let’s have a look at how both of marketing agencies operate and what makes them stand out from the other:

How can a freelancer fit into the equation?

A freelancer refers to someone who works independently as a marketing consultant. There is a possibility they most likely have worked for a marketing conglomerate previously but have chosen to go their own way. They are a business unit on their own, and so they are the ones responsible for pulling in the customer base, delivering projects, working through changing requirements or updates, and also creating brand loyalty. Freelancers are often immersed in various roles like a writer, email marketer, virtual assistant, strategist, and much more. They would have to outsource tasks such as graphic designing, web development, etc.

How can a digital agency fit into the equation?

A digital agency comprises of talented individuals who have amassed copious marketing knowledge through their years of study, research, and experience. They are usually working either full time or are independent contractors who are tasked with the job of carrying various marketing-based activities for client projects. These projects usually consist of email marketing, graphic designing, marketing and business consulting, social media marketing, etc.

Though understanding the basics of both marketing units can clear the fog a little, but there is still so much more to go. There are different layers that the process of developing a marketing campaign contains that will force you to consider and reconsider you decision, because this partner will be going with you long term. In order to brand yourself to the consumers you will have to share details about the innards of the company with you marketing associates so that they can come with a strategy that fits your promotional aspirations like a glove.

Here are some things to look into when choosing between digital agency or freelancer

Skill Limitations :

Unless they are a part of a freelance digital agency, a freelancer can only sustain and deliver a limited ensemble of digital marketing skills. They can “try” their hand at other skills that are more foreign to them, but that is a chance none of us want to take when so much is at stake. They might outsource skills but that is a whole other ball game.

However, the freelancer can be well-versed and highly knowledgeable in one or two specific niches, so if you have a specific marketing related requirement you need quenched then a freelancer can be a more cost saving option. You might have to hire other freelancers for other tasks, and so frankly you would just be better off with hiring a digital marketing agency in USA.

A digital agency offers a full spectrum of marketing solutions in the shape of affordable packages that can be custom built to suit your needs. They have a multifaceted team that can not only produce high quality results but will save you a great deal of time and energy wasted looking for the right freelancing individuals to employ.

Availability :

When a freelancer falls ill or has a family emergency the entire progression of your project can screech to a halt. This leads to missed deadlines and broken engagements, which can be anticipated since it is human to have sudden interruptions during a work flow. However, this might not be that costly an issue when working with a digital marketing agency. Since they allocate multiple people to work on a project, a temporary absence, or a loss of a person might not leave a project stranded. They can compensate for the absence with either a new hire or, for a period of time, another employee. Even if the nature of the task is complicated and no one else from the team can fulfill its requirements, it is rest assured other facets of the project would still be on their way to swift completion

Flexibility :

Since the freelancer is a lone manager of the project you have to expect them to work for a specific amount of time. Usually a person can work for possibly 12 hours at maximum, hence you cannot expect burgeoning progression every day. This means that the tasks will take longer to complete, making it tougher to manage if your freelancer is “on” at a different time zone. However, a digital agency in USA usually would work in shifts. Meaning, they can get your project done on time, or before the deadline, even without committing any employee rights violation. If the digital agency you choose is in USA, then both the units will be working at the same time and correspond more efficiently.

Workload Management :

While freelancers can prioritize your project better than a digital agency, there are some conditions that can lessen its weightage for them. Their current workload, the size of your project, and how much you are paying will directly correlate to how efficiently and quickly it is completed. However, a digital agency in USA will plan far ahead for your project so that they can dedicate the amount of time it deserves. You will not have to suffer through finding compensation for a lack of resources and direction that can be, sometimes, the freelancer’s reality. A digital agency is trained to handle a mountain of projects coming at them at the same time while maintaining quality levels.

Conclusion :

The digital agency or freelancer debate is never ending; however, it can be easily solved with understanding what you and your business want. If you want a more personalized service then a freelancer might be a better choice, but for a more professional thought-out strategy and progression a digital agency in USA remains unbeatable.