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cake boxes 

Live a Creamy Taste of Cakes Using Custom Cake Boxes

Do you worry about the quick sales of your bakery items? Do you want them to cut through the noise and have a spellbinding effect on the sales? Then you’ve come to the true place to get aid for your worries.

In today’s fickle world, the trends are changing every passing day. You do not want your items to go out of style and dispense out any chances of staying in the growing competition.

You need something that keeps your bakery items and, above all, your brand on top. In a market as competitive as today’s, cake packaging for your cake products will steer the sales boost towards success with immense speed hence never allowing them to just sit on the shelves of your bakeries.

There are some tips from our tips which have a plethora of experience in this field. Going through these tips will not only galvanize your sales, but you will also become an icon of class for your customers.

cake boxes 

Send it as a Gift:

Designing these custom printed cake boxes can be used to present a gift to your dear and loved ones. The right packaging doesn’t just intrigue the person you’re gifting it to, but it also markets your product.

Creative packaging of cake boxes packaging can lead them as a gift to a variety of events. You can design it the way you deem appropriate for the specific function.

Be it a wedding, a birthday party, Christmas, or even a graduation party, a custom packaging designed specifically for each event shows gratitude.

Using the Right Material:

Using the right material at the right time matters a lot. You must avoid your perfunctory instincts and galvanize yourself to pick just the right material for the right occasion.

Using rigid material for your cake packaging wholesale only helps when you’re in dire need of shipping to another state or country. You do not just want them to sit on the shelves packed in an excellent rigid material.

Instead, you can use Kraft or even a cardstock material for that very purpose. Cardstock and cardboard materials can be used to enhance the grace of your product if you use them for your advantage by keeping it a bit different from other cliché designs.

Also, to prevent your French confection from getting moist, you must use Kraft paper in combination with a wax coating.

cake boxes

Additional Decorative Manufacturing:

Using the right material comes with another burning question – What will be the add-ons? Well, we’ve covered you for that as well.

Add-ons: By employing the right color-scheming option leaves a behemoth amount of good impression on the customers.

You can design your cake box packaging in a PVC-window, which would give a decent naked view of the product resulting in depicting its freshness and quality.

These custom window cuts do not just ooze class, but they also become a deciding factor in rocketing your sales through the roof.

Embossing your logo or getting it written in a gold or silver foiling promotes your brand and makes it progressive from others.

Mesmerizing Cake Box Coatings: 

You’d be wondering about the complexity of the process involved in cherry-picking the precise packaging for your personalized cake boxes. It makes sense to feel a little lost, but these few tips will only benefit your interest.

Coming to the point, choosing just the right coating style will instantly differentiate your product hence giving the customers an idea of the value through a luxurious and enchanting look. There is a myriad of coating options you can choose from. Some of them are:

Matte: Selecting Matt as your coating option will complement the finishing of your package making the written text easier to read hence giving a tactile appeal to it.

Gloss: A not-so-common coating that gives the packaging a glossy look can work great when the target audience is below thirty years of age.

It provides a beautiful look to your packaging and can automatically instantly differentiate it from other products placed on the shelf through its shiny texture.

cake boxes

Spot UV: Are you worried that your logo isn’t standing out because of the matte coating? Well, worry, not! Spot UV provides instant feasibility of making your logo glossy on a matte texture. Isn’t it amazing?

Choosing the right coating for your custom packaging can be a headache at times. Still, it will also serve as a distinguishing factor among other great options, such as choosing a color scheming option, the materials, and even the manufacturing styles.

Leaving a Good Impression:

You have to jot this down in your mind that leaving a good impression doesn’t just mean bringing a smile on the faces of your customers, but it also means convincing them that you’re the right fit for their bakery needs and their go-to option every time they’re in dire need of a bakery item.

Remember, it isn’t always about the eatables, it’s about what they’re packed in as well. You have to make sure to leave an everlasting impression. This will result in a happy customer base.

Make it Cost-Effective:

With so much to say about improving the quality and design of your custom cake boxes, the important thing to keep in mind is to keep it cost-effective by not making it complicated with either too many colors or a lot of foil.

Cost-effective and budget-friendly rates on top of a decent design could attract masses of customers. Use the designs and digital art that does not become a burden on your customer’s pocket. You have to take care of their budget as well.

There’s nothing better than a combination of a graceful product and a budget-friendly price. Superman batman wonder


Tap yourself on the back because you’ve just learned how to use custom cake boxes to your advantage. If you apply these techniques to your cakes, you’ll witness nothing but excellent sales records within a fortnight, or better yet, within a few days.

cake boxes