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CSE Updates 2022

CSE Updates 2022: GATE Notes for CSE + Other Must-have Resources

Students gave a sigh of relief as the authorities for GATE 2022 – IIT Kharagpur, finally released the official syllabus and exam dates for this session. Thousands of students are looking forward to clearing this exam with flying colors and have thus, started preparing for the same. If you are also a Computer Science student aspiring to crack GATE, then you must get started with the preparation ASAP. In this article, we have compiled all the important resources – like GATE notes for CSE, question papers from previous years, and many more – that you will need for your preparations. Read ahead to know more.

Important Resources for GATE 2022

As the exams are getting near, one cannot help but worry about the schedule for the upcoming days. Nevertheless, a well-thought timetable, disciplined study plan, and a routine check of all the resources mentioned below will help you secure a safe spot in the GATE merit list this session:

GATE Study Material

Try to gather study materials from both online and offline resources. But make sure you refer to only trusted resources with the recent updates about the latest tech. The sole purpose of GATE is to assess your grasp of the said subject. Referring to outdated/incorrect sources will do you no good.

GATE Notes

Make running notes of the content that you study and keep it safe for future references. It will help you with a better revision and understanding of the concepts. Also, refer to detailed online GATE notes for CSE to stay in touch with all the topics – in case you miss something while learning.

GATE Full Forms & Difference Between Articles

These form a part of GATE notes for CSE, but you may want to refer to such articles separately in cases of confusion with the basic topics, concepts, and technical terms used every day. We get that some of the concepts might sound similar but may have polarised meanings. The right understanding of every single term will help you avoid the use of the wrong terms in the wrong situations.

GATE Syllabus for 2022

It is a no-brainer that you can’t really prepare for an exam unless you have its syllabus in hand. However, many students prefer to cover all the study material they have in hand just for gaining knowledge. And while there’s nothing wrong in doing that, you also have to make sure that you actually narrow down the available study materials to what’s most important for your exams. Or else, you may be overwhelmed with the sheer amount of content that you may gather in hand.

GATE Previous Year Question Papers

Referring to question papers from the past year like the GATE 2021 and GATE 2020 question paper will help you gauge the examination patterns and the overall distribution of the questions. Sure, referring to the syllabus will definitely help you get an overall understanding, but solving question papers from previous years will provide you with the exact blueprint of how the authorities ask the questions. However, make sure that you refer to the GATE 2021, GATE 2019, and GATE 2020 question papers. You may even go up to 2017, but do not refer to any question papers that are 5+ years old. Their syllabus will be out-of-date.

GATE Sample Papers

Solving sample papers once in a while, will help you prepare for your exams according to the exact pattern that is followed by the GATE authorities. And since you cannot possibly collect all question papers from the previous years, sample papers are a great way of keeping in touch with the examination pattern while checking on your current progress with the preparations.

GATE Mock Tests, NATs, MSQs, & MCQs

Mock tests, NATs (Numerical Answer Types), MSQs (Multiple Select Questions), MCQs (Multiple Choice Questions), etc., are very helpful. They not only let a candidate assess their current level of preparation – but they also help students figure out the sections from the syllabus that might need more revision and rework. It’s like rehearsing for the exam before actually giving the exam and fixing what’s needed.

Ready to Get Started?

We hope that this article provided you with the resources that you might need as a CSE student to start preparing for the GATE exams. Make sure you have the right study plan for the coming months, and you give it your all. Let’s stay focused and crack it! All the best.