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Best Jackpot Slots to Play

Jackpot slots offer a larger amount of cash to win than regular slots. However this also means that they are much harder to win than regular slot games. Some jackpot slots are better to play than others – try Fruit Shop slots.

Why play a Jackpot 

Jackpot slots may seem difficult to win, with massive odds against the player. However, it cannot be denied that there is a certain allure that comes with playing a jackpot slot. Players don’t know whether the next spin they make will result in a massive win for them, creating some serious edge of your seat action. Some jackpot slots can be expensive to enter, with progressive jackpots in particular being pricey, so it is best that players make sure that they have a high enough bankroll to be eligible to play. The main reason why players will want to play a jackpot slot is because of the massive prizes they have. Progressive jackpots in particular have a lucrative amount of money on offer which have the power to change any player’s life. 

Types of Jackpot 

There are two main types of slot jackpot that players will encounter. Both have their own positives and negatives depending on what sort of player you are. 

  1. Fixed jackpots. These are slot jackpots which stay the same amount no matter how long it remains unclaimed. The jackpot total will always be fixed in place. This jackpot is less popular amongst players, especially if it proves difficult to claim. The prize pool of a fixed jackpot is often much smaller than other jackpot types, due to this a fixed jackpot is easier to win.
  2. Progressive jackpots. This type of jackpot will progressively increase in size the longer it remains unclaimed. Every player that enters this jackpot is contributing to its overall prize pool, it is unclaimed for a long time this jackpot can reach truly staggering amounts of money. While progressive jackpots are great fun to enter, the truth is that they are extraordinarily hard to win. The chances of winning this type of jackpot are incredibly low, this combined with the fact that players need to stake a high amount to be eligible to enter means that progressive jackpots should be used by those with large bankrolls. 

Best Jackpot Slots 

As jackpot slots are incredibly popular, various developers have created their own versions of them. The following are some of the very best jackpot slots that people can play. 

  •     Mega Fortune offers players a luxurious slot experience filled with all the glitz and glamour you can imagine. This slot was developed by NetEnt and also has three amazing progressive jackpots, the biggest of which can turn a player into a millionaire.
  •     Age of the Gods Norse: Gods and Giants is a slot which is full of Ancient Norse mythology. This game was developed by Playtech and it features an incredibly high volatility, however don’t let that put you off from entering it’s amazing jackpot. 


As jackpots can be expensive, it is always best to properly research them before you enter.