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Jiangsu University

Advantages of Doing MBBS in China for Indian Students at Jiangsu University

The Jiangsu University (JSU) signed institutional cooperation agreements with 87 colleges in 30 nations and areas via way of means of June in the year 2015. The creation of a co-Confucius institute by Jiangsu University (Austria) has been going smoothly with effect from October the year 2010. After this, the associate center for the Chinese – German language and culture was inaugurated.

Basic Eligibility for Application for All Foreign Candidates –

  1. In good health condition, as per international students health standard set by the ministry of education, China.
  2. Good ethical person and subject to the legal guidelines and policies of the Chinese authorities and college.
  3. Good English language or Chinese language proficiency and received certificate from highest education.

Advantages of Doing MBBS in China for Indian Students at Jiangsu University –

Indian students have a popular choice for the medical profession, where thousands of aspiring entrants are applied daily. MBBS are studying abroad, particularly in countries that include MBBS in China, are very beneficial for applicants as there are usually no donations, low fees, sometimes free hostel accommodation is not available, and the entrance examination is virtually exempt.

  1. Bilingual education is conducted to provide a better understanding to the students.
  2. It is easily affordable to Indian students due to the low tuition fees per year.
  3. A trip from Shanghai only three hours allows students to go to town on weekends.
  4. There are more than eight canteens on the campus offering various options of food.
  5. There are about 35,000 students and 1,500 international students in Chinese, of whom over 150 Indian origins.
  6. Weather is favorable for Indian people as it follows a similar paradigm.
  7. It is a spectacular tract of 550 acres of land in the peaceful city of Zhanjiang.
  8. A very big success rate of Indian medical council screening tests
  9. More than 5000 staff members are 2500 faculty members including 450 professors claiming a Ph.D. degree. 24% of them also have foreign experience.
  10. The Jiangsu University (JSU) has a synergy with 80 universities in more than 30 countries.
  11. Students are involved in learning experiences that require comparison of reason, analysis, interpretation, and evaluation with the complexity of thought.
  12. The Jiangsu University (JSU) covers cultural and in-intensity language packages in Chinese which might be designed via way of means of each college student and teacher.