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Web Development

9 Things to Must Consider Before Outsourcing a Web Development Project

As the world is becoming a freak of technology and everything is just a click away, the demand for web development has increased in the past few years. Many entrepreneurs are looking for freelancers or a web development company Pakistan to outsource a development project. But there are a list of things one should consider before outsourcing a development project to get the best out of it. 

Things to Consider Before Outsourcing a Development Project

You can utilize many companies to outsource your project to get your task done easily and in less time. However, outsourcing is a very risky and difficult task as you need to take care of so many things before deciding which company you are going to give responsibility to outsource your project. Therefore, to make this task easy and effective for you, we have presented a list of things you should know before outsourcing any of your development projects to a web development company Pakistan or freelancers. The checklist is given below:


  • Do you need outsourcing?
  • Freelancers versus web development companies
  • Which company to choose?
  • Communicate your needs
  • Give your input to the project
  • Answer the “W” questions
  • Question about resource and technology
  • Realistic expectations

Do You Need Outsourcing?

First of all, you need to figure out if the required project needs outsourcing as some tasks are more suitable for outsourcing than others. Moreover, be sure to never start with big tasks rather start with small ones to get a better idea of the capabilities of the chosen company. You need to move gradually to make sure you have built a mutual understanding with the company. Additionally, small projects also help you in setting clear goals.

Freelancers versus Web Development Companies

It is a confusing task to decide whether you need a freelancer or a web development company to outsource your task. The major difference between a web development company and a freelancer is of three things:

  • Trust
  • Cost
  • Quality

 A freelancer can do your work quickly and at cheap prices but it will always be unreliable as you can not be sure about the quality of the task done by a freelancer. However, if you want to get reliable work done by professionals you should always prefer web development companies. When choosing web development companies you don’t have to worry much about the trust and quality of your assigned task. Although companies could be a bit expensive; however, it is the right choice for you when you are working on big projects that need quality as a priority. 

List Out Your Requirements

In order to get your project done, you must have a basic know-how of the work you want to outsource, you should be clear if it is a website or a mobile app and whether you need help from scratch or in a few things that need to be managed, Is the design already made and requires minor tweaks or design is to be made from scratch. Therefore, knowledge about the ideas and required results is very important to hire the right talent for your project. Otherwise, you may get stuck with the wrong person or company and would not be able to get the right outcome.

Which Company to Choose?

Another difficulty is choosing the best company from the pool of so many companies that are offering you promising results. There are many trustworthy web development company Pakistan that are outsourcing high-quality and cost-worthy web development projects. However, before choosing any company you should do your research work to see if the company is able to help you in achieving all the goals. Moreover, you should check the rating and reviews of the company to get a better idea about its performance. Additionally, before giving your project to any company or freelancer, you should have a proper meeting with them and in that meeting, the project should be discussed in detail from both sides.

Communicate your Needs

Communication is the only key to get the desired result; Therefore, communicate everything that a company should know before starting your project. You should tell them about the ideas that are in your mind, define your goals, describe your vision to them regarding the web. Moreover, be flexible and clear with the time constraints, although a good development team will consider all your deadlines but giving them extra time could give you better results that you might not have thought about before. Additionally, consider the developers and company as a part of your team and help them in every possible way to achieve your desired goals.

Give your Input to the Project

You have to keep participating in the project to achieve the desired goals. Moreover, Think like a developer as you don’t need to be an expert to help your team, you just need to describe all your ideas precisely and clearly. Moreover, you need to keep on checking the updates and guide the team if something is lacking from the project that could be a hindrance in achieving the desired outcome; conversely, appreciate them from time to time about the things they did right. Your full involvement will be required to get the web you want.

Answer the W Questions

Answer all the “W” questions to get better clarity and to provide better information to the company in order to complete your task.

  • What is your goal?
  • The reasons for setting this goal?
  • What will be the time of launch?
  • Where to use it?
  • Who will use it?
  • What are your ideas? (if you have any)

Answering these questions will make it easier for you and the hired company or individual to get better clarity of the things you require.

Question About Resource and Technology

It is very important to know about the tools and technologies used by the hired company. Therefore, make sure to ask the companies about the tools they are using as it will guide you about the person who can do your task with up-to-date technologies and help you in choosing the right person. 

Realistic Expectations

One of the most common problems is that you might have set unrealistic expectations from your hired team. Therefore, before hiring the team make sure to discuss all the things you expect them to do. Also let them guide you if you have set any unrealistic expectations with them. Moreover, discussing your expectations will also give them an idea about your wants and needs and can get you and the hired team on the same page.


Be Sure Before You Start

It is important for you to be sure about your needs and goals before outsourcing any developmental project as it will help you in choosing the right company or person to outsource your project. Moreover, you need to stay connected with the person or company in order to make sure they are doing the exact work that you asked them to do. Also, giving your input will guide them regarding the project and they will be able to give their best shot to complete your goals. Make your goal realistic and communicate it so that you will not face 

any disappointment in the future. Tell us in the comments below what things you took care of before outsourcing your project to a web development company Pakistan.