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SEO article writer

5 Top Secrets of a Professional SEO Article Writer

Writing your content for your website might seem easy. After all, you already know everything there is to know about your field, so you just share that information with your audience, right? It’s not always that simple. 

To perform well on search engines, your content will need to include specific keywords for SEO, or search engine optimization. Additionally, your content will likely need to hit a certain length to be competitive in your industry, and you’ll need to actively work to be engaging and appealing to your audience.

Sound like a lot of work? You might consider outsourcing this responsibility to a professional SEO article writer. These experts spend their careers crafting SEO content for all kinds of businesses in every industry imaginable, and they’ve got the skills to bring results. How do they do it? They’ve got these five secrets up their sleeves. 

 1. Strong Research Skills

Before even putting a single word on the page, research is crucial. SEO content writers are incredible researchers, both when it comes to looking at your field and understanding your audience. 

Of course, you want an SEO writer that sounds like a professional in your area of expertise, so these writers spend as much time as needed to understand your field inside and out.

On top of that, SEO writers work to understand what your business does and, even more importantly, the value you bring to your audience. 

They can then create content that targets your audience’s pain points, or the problems that your company can solve for them. Having all of this research behind them makes for more compelling and engaging content in the long run.

2. Optimize for Search Engines 

SEO, or search engine optimization, is a key part of any content marketing strategy. If a user types in a certain keyword or phrase and your website is one of the first to appear in their results, you’ve got a high SEO ranking. 

Content writers for SEO know all about how to appeal to the biggest search engines and bring your business to the top of the page. Optimizing for search engines isn’t just about researching and implementing the right keywords for your business. 

It’s also about making sure the length is enough to get Google’s attention, ensuring all copy is unique, and creating titles and descriptions that are SEO-friendly as well. On top of all that, Google’s algorithm can change at any time, so SEO writers have to keep up to date on the latest trends. 

3. Write for Humans

While your content needs to appeal to search engines, your posts are, first and foremost, for humans. That’s why SEO article writers have to make sure their message comes across sincerely and naturally to your audience as well. 

Incorporating SEO keywords is great, but if it makes your content sound like it was written by a robot, audiences will be turned off. SEO writers understand how to communicate effectively with your audience, no matter how you want your tone to come across. 

Whether you want to be more approachable or appear more professional, writers can take that approach while crafting content that will draw audiences in and leave them feeling like they truly gained something from reading. 

4. Mastery of Grammar

This one might seem obvious, but it’s one of the most important skills that an SEO content writer can have. Good grammar is key to getting your point across effectively. 

Even if the expertise in the field is there, your audience won’t take your content seriously if it’s not well-written. A good SEO article writer will have a mastery of basic grammar rules and effective syntax.

Proper grammar not only helps audiences take your content more seriously, but also helps them connect with it more deeply. An experienced SEO content writer will be able to pick just the right words to pull at your audience’s heartstrings and connect with them on an emotional level.

5. Editing, Editing, Editing

Finally, effective SEO writers know how to edit. Nobody’s perfect, which means the first attempt at a piece of content won’t be, either. And that’s okay!  SEO writers should be able to look back at their pieces objectively and make any corrections, whether that be fixing a typo or altering a paragraph that’s gotten off track. 

Finding an SEO writer who can edit their work is your key to impactful content every single time. These writers are skilled with the pencil yet also adept with the eraser. Being able to recognize where a piece of content can improve is one of the most important skills an effective SEO writer can have.

SEO writers have incredible skills that can take your company above and beyond in your content marketing strategy. If you’re looking to buy SEO articles, consider WriterArmy, a leading content marketing and inbound agency based in Seattle, Washington. Contact WriterArmy today for a free quote or consultation on their SEO content writing services