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12 Tips to Effectively Market Sales of Your e-Store

The trend of e-store has been raised in the past few years; moreover, the biggest estore “Amazon” is believed to be starting drone-based delivery to achieve absolute competitive advantage. However, since online stores are trending and everyone is trying their luck on virtual stores; therefore, the competition is at its peak too. In such a competitive market it is difficult to attract buyers towards your particular store.

Tips to Effectively Market Sales of Your e-Store 

You don’t have to worry about your sales because we are presenting various ideas to increase the sale of your virtual store and attract a large number of customers to your product. So, that you can flourish your business and be a successful e-store seller.

  • Advertise on Social Media Platform
  • Email Campaign
  • Special Promotions or Offers
  • Approach the Influencer Market
  • Prestashop Free Gifts
  • Person to Person Marketing
  • SEO Optimization
  • Mobile Accessible Site
  • Make Loading Fast
  • Make an Appealing Site
  • Consistent Site Design
  • Pay Per Click

Advertise on Social Media Platform

One of the effective strategies is to advertise your product as much as you can because when people know about the existence of your store they will surely want to check out the products you are selling. The advertisement can be done on different social media platforms such as Instagram, Facebook, Tiktok, Youtube. 

Furthermore, Through paid advertisements on social media people will be aware of your product and it increases the chances of them buying it. Make a page of your product and be active on it, increasing the involvement of the public through comments, likes, and shares. Moreover, involve the audience through giveaways and interesting posts.

Email Campaign

Utilize email campaigns to advertise your new products to the consumers. Make a list of emails and keep on adding to it, always do an email campaign with other modes of advertisements you are doing. Email campaigns are very useful to aware people of your product and to generate traffic to your store. The email campaign can also be used for the existing customers to inform them about the new products you may launch on your online store. 

Special Promotions or Offers

You can use special offers such as 30% sale or 50% sale to entice the audience into buying your product. Moreover, to make your product appealing to new customers you can offer first-time buying discounts, this will allure them to try your product. According to various research, consumers buy products they were not intending to buy just because of some coupon or discount. Hence, special promotions, coupons, and discounts can give an immediate boost up to your sale. However, just giving special promotions is not enough as you should also advertise the promotions and sales on every platform to make it noticeable among consumers.

 Approach the Influencer Market

Moreover, you can hire different social media influencers to increase the recognition of your product among the targeted audience. Additionally, you can start different challenges on social media that include your products and to complete those challenges people have to buy your product, that way not only the recognition but also the sale of your product will increase. Hiring celebrities or influencers to advertise your product, will make it noticeable among their followers and increase their trust level in your product. As even the big and known brands are using the influencer market to make their new launches recognizable among the consumers.

Prestashop Free Gifts

One of the most amazing techniques to entice the consumers and increase the sale of your e-store is using Prestashop Free Gifts. It is software that you install when setting up your online store. The Prestashop can take note of everything such as stock of the product, manage customers and orders. Moreover, it can also help you with payment, taxes, shipping, and other legal requirements. Basically, it can give you detailed reporting of your e-store and its sales; however, it can help you in extending and customizing your shop too. 


Moreover, Prestagift shop can allow the consumer to select free gifts along with the product they buy from your e-store. It also gives the freedom to customers to choose their own gifts from the list of gifts, when there are multiple gift options with a product. However, for products that contain a single gift, It will directly be added to the cart with the product for the convenience of consumers. Conclusively, giving your customers free add-on gifts and allowing them to choose from multiple gifts directly from the product page can increase the interest of the audience and elevate your rate of sale. 

Person to Person Marketing

Involve your offline store customers by giving them brochures of your online store. Get the traffic from your offline loyal and old customers and ask them to share your brochures with their friends and follow your page on social media sites. Marketing from person to person is the most effective and efficient method as it builds the trust of consumers in your product and e-store.

SEO Optimization

Many users search the kinds of product you are selling daily on google and if you want your website to come in those first few searches then make use of SEO. In order to come on those google search results, you have to build strong keywords because through keywords your site will appear on search results. Focus on long keywords that have more than 2 or 3 words. Use different tools for keywords for keyword search such as MOZ to get help in building strong keywords.

Mobile Accessible Site

Make your site mobile-friendly so that users can access the site easily from their cell phones. As in today’s era, most people use their phones to do online shopping; therefore, it is very crucial to make your site mobile-friendly so that the consumers will not have any problem with mobile access. Moreover, apart from phones make your site reachable through each device such as tab, laptops, desktops.

Make Loading Fast

Since everyone is in a hurry and they do not want to waste their time on slow-loading websites; therefore, make your site as fast as you can so the user will not leave it during the loading process. You can use different tools or software such as Google Page Speedup Insights to enable the process. Faster loading will keep and maintain the interest of the consumers.

Make an Appealing Site

Make your site appealing and attractive with high-quality images and product descriptions. Ask your current consumers to leave the reviews of the products so that the new buyers will get guidance through their reviews. The design of the site should be eye-catching and easy so that the customers will not get confused by it. Moreover, keep updating your site regarding the in-stock and out-stock products. 

Consistent Site Design

Make sure your site has a consistent design so that every time the customers come to your website they feel it’s the same site. Make the customer feel like they are on the same website no matter what they are browsing on the site. However, you can use different formatting types but the style should be the same. Also, make sure your site design reflects what you are selling for example if the site is of kitchen appliances that it should be represented by the overall layout and design of the site.


Pay Per Click

You can also use the Pay per click techniques in which you will have to pay the publisher some amount every time your ad is clicked by someone. It is a great way to drive traffic to your website and make your product recognizable among the buyers. Like SEO in Pay per Click, using the right keyword is a very crucial step because the keyword determines the appearance of your ad; therefore, use long-tailed keywords as they cost less money and they are specific, which means less competition. Moreover, people who search long-tailed keywords know exactly what they want; therefore, when these kinds of consumers come to your site the chances of them buying the product are higher.

Gear Up!

Let’s get ready to sell most of your products by getting large traffic to your online store. Use these methods to skyrocket the success of your online store. Tell us in the comments below what methods you have been using to generate traffic and increase the sale of your e-store.