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10 Themed and Creative Birthday Cake Ideas

First birthdays are always special and a big affair for everyone. From decoration to food and venue, it requires considerable time and effort to plan everything accordingly. No denial; every decision takes valuable time but choosing the best cake for this special day is truly a daunting task. Should you go for a customized cake, a themed cake, a simple decorative cake or a designer cake? Undoubtedly, the choices can be overwhelming. Nowadays, themed cakes are trendy due to their great embellishment and taste. For instance, Baby Boss Cake is an incredible choice to make your baby’s first birthday worth remembering.

We have covered up some lip-smacking and creative birthday cake ideas for your kid’s first birthday. You can opt for the one that looks appealing and delicious to you.

First Birthday Cakes for Baby Boy

Usually, Blue is considered the most favourite colour for boys. That’s why; parents choose a cake in blue colours. It’s your choice; you can pick a cake in blue colour but customize it according to your preferences. Gladly, cakes can be customized according to your baby’s favourite cartoon character.

  • Baby Boss Cake

Are you looking for an extraordinary cake for your baby boss? Why don’t you think about ‘Baby Boss Cake’ for your angel’s first birthday? This cartoon character is quite popular among kids, and they adore it a lot. 2 tier stacked cake with Boss Baby theme is becomes a real show stealer, especially when you order it from a customized cake shop.

  • Chevron and Moustache Cake

It’s the most popular and typical cake for a boy. Again, you can also customize the cake the way you want it to. For instance, it can have horizontal zig-zag on the first tier and vertical stripes on the bottom tier. The moustaches on the cake’s top and bow in the centre make this cake look super adorable. You can choose any of the desired flavours according to your choice.

  • Mickey Mouse Cake

This cake never goes out of trend and is considered the most preferred choice for a first birthday party. You can choose a three-tier cake with red fondant on the cake’s first tier, white on the second tier and black fondant on its top. The inclusion of mouse ears on the cake’s top make it look adorable.

  • Angry Birds Cake

This cake is quite a famous theme cake for all types of birthday celebrations. Single tier cake always looks fantastic with a chocolate background and green fondant. You can add pigs, birds and slingshot as they all look super delectable on the cake.

  • Toy Car Cake

Boys and their love for cars go hand in hand. Their car craze is accurate, and no one can deny it. That’s why; ordering toy car cake on your kid’s first birthday is the best way to double the joy and fun of his day.

First Birthday Cake for Baby Girl

There are a plethora of cake ideas for girls. Girls’ birthday cakes come in various shapes and designs, including Barbie’s dress, Rapunzel, her hair and shoes, etc.

Here’s the list of some delicious and eye-catchy cakes for girls.

  • Princess Cake

It’s been a year since a princess entered your life and made it worth living for you. Ordering a ‘Princess Cake’ on her first birthday is the best way to make your little angel feel special. Tell her how precious she is, and presence truly matters. You can choose any favourite colour, but pink and purple fondant cake always look alluring and memorable.

  • Babydoll Cake

Every girl loves playing with dolls and considers them best friends. A doll cake looks cute, adorable and delightful, especially on birthdays. The bottom layers of the cake can be covered with a doll’s dress. A real keepsake doll is inserted in the centre of the cake to make this cake look like a real doll cake.

  • Minnie Mouse Cake

Don’t you think the little talking mouse looks so lovable? You can plan a Minnie mouse theme party for your baby kid, and the themed cake goes great with it. You can opt for any desired colours, including pink or red, as every colour looks fantastic.

  • Frozen Theme Cake

Every little girl wishes to spend her life like Elsa and Anna. That’s why; we recommend you throw a frozen theme birthday party for your little doll. Request your guests to dress according to the theme of the cake. Also, the cake should be according to the frozen theme with some famous characters on the cake’s top.

  • Winter Candy Cake

If your baby girl is born in winter, this winter candy cake with a candy cane, Christmas tree, and snowflakes look amazing.

Choose a Cake That Brings a Cute Smile on Your Baby’s Face

Indeed, babies are so innocent, and every small act can make them happy. That’s why; we are recommending you choose a cake shop that prepares the best cake for your kid’s special day.