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What Is The Role Of The Automotive Control Cables?

Auto control cables are widely used in two/three wheel vehicle controls. These are made by twisting the desired/required number of Ask Brakes. wires of standard wire gauge and different diameter into one cable. 

In the twisting machine, company’s standard gauge wires are twisted and cut to the required length. The number of standard gauge Ask Brakes wires depends on the end use of the auto control cables such as brake wire, clutch wire, accelerator wire, and so on.

Auto control cables are high-demand spares for two- and three-wheel vehicles, with a strong replacement market. These cables allow the driver to control various vehicle functions and have a large market throughout the country. 

Machines, equipment, and raw materials for making these cables are readily available, and the technology is entirely indigenous. The Unit can be set up in any major city or near a major city and requires very little investment in plant and machinery.

Mechanics and service stations always require these. As the various control cables in any Scooter, Motorcycle, Auto Rickshaw, Moped, and so on, there is a very large and never-ending replacement market for auto control cables.

Different cables for various end uses are packaged in printed poly bags and sold in dozen packs by auto parts dealers or the shops. The control cable manufacturers in India are just so good a team to provide with a fast, affordable and perfectly skilled activity.

The manufacturers are the fastest growing automobile control cables and brands in India. They manufacture, supply and export the wide range of Automotive Control cables for motorcycles, three wheelers, E-rickshaws and commercial vehicles. 

The stranded/twisted cable is then cut to the required size using a wire cutting machine. To prevent strands of the cable from opening, one end of this wire is butted and dipped into molten zinc. Depending on the purpose of the cable, each type of cable has a different size.

A zinc stopper of the required design/size is fixed at the other end of the cable using a die on a die-casting machine. The cables are then checked/inspected before being packaged in printed poly bags for marketing.

Automobiles with manual transmissions require clutch cable which connects the clutch lever to the clutch itself is what disengages the clutch when the lever is depressed. Ask Brakes offer the best quality clutch cables which are strong, durable, self-lubricating, and easy to adjust to give friction free and smooth performance.

A motorcycle clutch cable is a cable wire (steel braided) that connects the biker’s input to the clutch’s internals. The clutch cable connects the clutch pedal to the engine, which is in charge of shifting gears. 

When the rider depresses the clutch lever, the clutch cable pulls on the clutch linkage, disengaging the clutch and allowing the rider to shift the transmission. This allows the gears to be switched and, as a result, the speed to be increased. 

All cables are manufactured as per OEM specifications, 100% load tested and all materials have been certified to ensure they meet the required specification. The automotive control cables are not just superb but also efficient in its best forms.