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What is Canon IJ scan Utility Mac?

The IJ Scan Utility is a versatile application that allows users to scan photos as well as documents. It is compatible with windows as well as MAC and it offers configuration of Scan settings including the size of the Scan resolution, color mode, scan format, etc. 

If you’re curious about the Canon IJ Scan Utility MAC then we’re confident that this informative post will help you understand all its features along with its download and installation process. So, let’s begin with the features that Canon IJ Scan provides to its users.

Features Of The Canon IJ Scan Utility

Just as important like Canon drivers are for the printer, the Canon IJ Scan utility is also crucial for Canon Printers and scanners.

Following are some valuable features that are unlocked with Canon IJ Scan Utility download via ij.start.cannon or the utility CD.

1: Multipurpose Scanning – Having the Canon IJ Scan utility offers users to scan accordingly. It includes numerous scanning modes such as document, photo and auto mode. 

The document mode offers improved readability of the scanned doc while the photo mode enhances the pixel quality and the auto mode helps scan different items on its preset settings.

2: It Automatically Saves Your Scanned Documents/Images – It gets frustrating to save every single document or image separately while scanning in bulk. 

The Canon IJ Scan Utility saves the scanned doc/images automatically on the default scan folder which you can change accordingly if you wish to.

3: Provides Flexible Integration With Various Apps – The need for scanned documents varies accordingly such as for Emails, graphic programs, MS PowerPoint etc. 

For such cases, the seamless integration of Canon IJ Scan Utility provides great relief by integrating with third-party apps.

How to Download/Install The Canon IJ Scan Utility?

The Canon IJ Scan Utility Mac can be installed through two methods. Out of which one requires a stable internet connection and for the other one, your system must have a working CD Drive.

Method 1: Download IJ Scan Utility Via Website

  • You must visit ij.start.cannon website and enter your printer/scanner model number.
  • Thereafter, hit “Enter” and you’ll be redirected to the download section.
  • Ensure if the OS is displaying “MAC” or “Windows” accordingly.
  • Now, you’ll find the MP driver package which includes the IJ scan utility.
  • Thereafter, tap “Download”.
  • Finally, install the software by performing on-display directions while ensuring to checkmark the MP drivers.

Method 2: Downloading The Canon IJ Scan Via CD

This method of downloading the Canon IJ scan is used in case the system can’t access the internet. Here’s how:

  • Take out the setup CD from your Printer’s box.
  • Insert it carefully in the CD-ROM drive.
  • Launch the “CD-Drive” icon.
  • Thereafter, choose the Canon IJ Scan utility setup.
  • Copy it by holding “Ctrl+C” and visit the home screen.
  • Hold “Ctrl+V” and the file will be saved on your screen.
  • Afterwards, launch the setup and ensure to tick “MP” drivers.
  • Finally, follow instructions and complete the Canon IJ Scan installation.

Steps For Launching The Canon IJ Scan Utility On Mac

After installing the Canon IJ Scan Utility Mac on your system, perform these steps to launch it.

  • At first, visit “Go” that is available on the top screen of your Mac.
  • Thereafter, a complete list of options will appear.
  • Next, hit “Application-Folder” to access your installed applications.
  • Now, search for “Canon Utilities”
  • Locate/Select the “Canon Utilities” folder from the list.
  • Finally, click “IJ Scan-Utility” or “Scan Utility-lite” and the IJ Scan utility will be launched.

Utilizing The Stitch Function To Scan Larger Images

After downloading/installing the canon scan utility by using CD or ij.start.cannon website, you can use the stitch function that is included in the IJ Scan utility for the purpose of scanning the images that are unable to fit in the platen.

Additionally, this feature let users merge the left and right side of the images together. Here’s how to utilize the stitch function of the Canon IJ Scan utility.

  • Launch “Canon IJ Scan-Utility”.
  • Visit “Settings” and modify the resolution as desired and hit “Ok”.
  • Thereafter, choose “Stitch” and select “Output size”.
  • Now, hover the cursor on “Scan Direction”.
  • Select “Scan From Left” and shift the scanning item’s face downwards. 
  • Afterwards, hit “Start Scanning the Image-1”.
  • Next, shift the scanning item upwards and tap “Start-Scanning the Image-2”.
  • Now, both sides of your doc/image will be scanned.
  • Finally, scroll up and use the available toolbars for merging the file and hit “Save”.

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, your query regarding the Canon IJ Scan Utility Mac will be resolved now. Moreover,  the features included in this post are deeply reviewed and the steps shown to utilize the Canon IJ Scan utility are verified by our experts.