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Tips and Tricks: How to become a fashionista

Tips and Tricks: How to become a fashionista

For many young girls, shopping and fashion have been a hobby and part of daily life. Especially on Pinterest and Instagram, the presentation of fashion plays a crucial role. More young girls show their personal lifestyles on their blogs. Emma McCue is amongst famous social media influencers. You can get trendy and amazing ideas by following her on Tiktok and Instagram or subscribing to her YouTube channel. So, what actually a fashionista is?

A fashionista is a young girl who puts much emphasis on her fashion. Whether it is new trends or the latest fashion – a fashionista always has a great knack for fashion.


Here are the tips:

So, if you want to become a fashionista, here are the tips that can be of interest to you.


  • Basics

Whether classic blazers, jeans, blouses, white T-shirts, or the small black dress, fashion basics are often in neutral colors and easy to combine.

Try to combine your basic parts with more attractive trendy pieces. For instance, a chic black dress with a blazer seems much more casual.


  •  Accessories

Accessories are the basic parts of any fashionista.

Whether jewelry, sunglasses, bags, a clock, a hat, or a scarf, these can spice up any outfit.

So, why not highlight oversize blouses and sweaters with a belt as well as emphasize your waist a little more?


  • Don’t fear pattern

Stripes are often timeless. Striped trousers and blouses always look trendy.

You can even grab colorful patterns easily.


  • Shoes

If you don’t have a huge budget, you will look more stylish with appropriate footwear. At least, a fashionista has one pair of each shoe at home. Sneakers, ballerinas, pumps, overknee, ankle boots, etc.

If you purchase shoes in neutral colors, you can combine them with various outfits.


  • Get ideas

You often don’t know where to begin and what garments you can combine. Here, tips can be found not just on social media platforms, like Pinterest, Instagram, or blogs, but even in second-hand shops.

Often, there you can especially find designer clothes and jewelry at a normal price.


  • Find your style

Being a fashionista, you should stand by your own style, as well as stay true to it.

It is also necessary to adapt your clothes according to your body shape. It is pointless to purchase things that look great, but don’t fit 100%.

You should feel comfortable in your outfits and even find yourself in any fashion.


  • Makeup and hair

If you want to be a fashionista, then body care is important.

Ensure not only your garments are always clean, but nails and hair are well-groomed too.

The makeup must be tailored to the dress.

It may take some time until you realize which type of fashion suits you best. As a fashionista, you should always find your own style and enjoy fashion.