Education Technology

Understanding The Right LMS Tool Qualities From An Education Technology Partner

The marriage of education and technology was inevitable. It had to happen one day, and the pandemic accelerated the pace with which the two embraced each other. EdTech, the short form of education technology, is not a new game, but its relevance got well-accepted worldwide during the last few months. Today, the generation in schools and colleges are all tech-savvy, and hence education technology is becoming a game-changer in the new trend. This generation of people is comfortable with the use of modern digital devices and gadgets. Schools, colleges, and institutes have a big task on hand – they need to focus on choosing the right learning management system and the top education technology provider.

Relevance of technology in education

EdTech is highly relevant in modern times. Here are the reasons why educators need to consider going for the right tool:

  1. Students today are continuously engaging with technology, and they are comfortable with it. They, therefore, expect and demand their learning systems to be interactive and digitized too. 
  2. The teaching fraternity is also comfortable with new technology and feels it is necessary in present times.
  3. Technology helps learners to learn at their pace, unlike traditional classroom setups. With an EdTech tool, there is flexibility for the student to go back to refresh the concepts and slow down as per individual requirements. 
  4. Technology offers an array of learning environment. There is no limitation or restrictions. The learning is more hands-on and interactive, and teachers have endless options to engage students. 

Qualities to look for in an EdTech tool

As an educator, if you are looking for a suitable Digital Learning tool, you need to understand the main purpose behind the usage of an LMS. Is it augmenting the learning process, or is it a means to drive better engagement, or is the purpose of making the entire process of learning and training more efficient? 

  • Engagement – the right tool helps enhance engagement. The best tool can initiate three types of engagement: engagement between the student and the lesson, engagement between the student and the teacher, and engagement between the student and the device. So, educators need to assess a potential EdTech tool from these three engagement perspectives. Experts feel that it is worth trying if the tool can increase engagement in any of the three fields. If it has the potential in all three fields of engagement, it is the right one for the organization.
  • Augmenting a lesson – if the tool made by a credible Education Technology Company helps enhance a lesson, it is for sure the most important asset of the organization. It means that with the help of the tool, the students can understand the lesson way better than the conventional classroom or textbooks. 
  • Efficiency – the tool must offer certain key benefits to the teachers and students. For example, it should help save time for teachers and students or help improve the communication between teachers and students. Similarly, the tool must help teachers evaluate students better and faster.