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bedroom furniture

Essential Bedroom Furniture – Things You Need To Have

Bedroom furniture generally refers to the collections of furniture, which are usually placed in a master bedroom or a bedroom of any sort. Bedroom furniture normally includes not just the beds but the nightstands, cabinets, dressers, and the rest of the furniture commonly found in a bedroom. A complete bedroom set usually includes a bed, nightstand, cabinet, and vanity table. There are actually some essential bedroom furniture pieces that are not actually required but add more elegance to your room such as the dressers and chests. These additional pieces can be used as storage space, display area or an additional seat when you want additional seating space in your room.

Must-Have Bedroom Furniture items

1. A bed is the most essential bedroom furniture. It is the main piece of furniture in your room. The design and size of the wooden bed will depend on the size of your room and the preferences of the person decorating your room. If you have chosen a style in your living room already, you may want to match the design of your bed with the theme or colour scheme of your living room. Beds come in various sizes, shapes and materials.

2. Another essential bedroom furniture item is the dresser. A dresser can be placed at the foot of the bed or beside it. You can choose between a chest type dresser or a built-in dresser. Your dresser can serve many functions such as storage, display or guest room addition.

3. Another bedroom piece of furniture that is essential but often overlooked is the chest of drawers. This furniture is also called a nightstand in some homes. Nightstands come in different styles and sizes. Some have legs while others are free-standing. You can choose from glass, wood, metal, or some other material depending on the preference of the homeowner.

4. An entertainment unit is also one of the essential bedroom furniture. An entertainment unit can hold video games, DVD players, CDs or any other media unit. This furniture often goes by names such as game consoles, DVD player sets or media centres. An entertainment unit is often found with a chair and footstool.

5. Other items of essential bedroom furniture are nightstands, chests of drawers and dressers. These items of furniture serve functional and decorative purposes. They are also usually placed in the master bedroom to add extra space for storage. A chest of drawers is used for storing clothes, shoes or other items.

6. Nightstands, chests of drawers and dressers are all essential bedroom furniture. When purchasing each item make sure that they match in colour, design and size. Most nightstands and dressers will have an armless design. An armless nightstand will not have a top or a bottom. A dresser with a flat top is the most common. Choosing the right combination will enhance the appearance of your bedroom.

7. An essential bedroom furniture piece is the nightstand. Nightstands come in different styles and shapes. Some nightstands have a single drawer while others have two or more drawers. The top of a dresser can also be used as a nightstand. If a dresser has a flat top, choose a nightstand that has an accent top. Choosing the right combination will increase the functionality of your dresser.

8. Another essential bedroom furniture piece is the mattress. To obtain comfort and support, a mattress must provide proper support. One type of mattress that provides support is memory foam. Memory foam mattresses vary in price and can be purchased from any furniture store or online.


Additional storage space for your dresser can be built into the dresser itself. This additional storage space can be used for shoes, belts, purses, scarves or any other item that is not used regularly. An additional dresser that is not used very often should be stored in a corner of the bedroom. This will allow the other dressers to be used for guests.