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3 Surprising Benefits Of Collagen Supplements

As winter approaches and the days get colder, one thing that regrettably takes a back seat for so many of us when it should be at the forefront of our focus is our health.

Whether that be our mental or physical health, both can suffer significantly from the cold days and a lack of sunlight, leaving us feeling without energy and exhausted. This is why it is essential we do all we can to ensure we counteract the harsher conditions that the winter seasons bring.

Introducing supplements into our diets is an effective way to stay healthy and efficient for those who don’t always have time to make those healthy and fully nutritious meals we would want to.

One supplement especially is exceptionally beneficial to our bodies during these trying few months: collagen supplements.

Collagen offers numerous benefits, such as helping strengthen our joints and bones, which can help against the lack of natural vitamin D.

However, there are also some benefits many of us are unaware of that will keep us healthy, not only in the coming winter months but all year round.

Gut Health

Many people think of how collagen helps to keep our skin firm and healthy. However, it doesn’t just stop there.

Internally, the amino acids in collagen help strengthen, soothe, and repair the lining in our guts when necessary. It also acts as a strong anti-inflammatory and dramatically reduces the chances of suffering inflammation in our gut and throughout the rest of our body.

Not only that, but by strengthening the lining in our gut, collagen benefits our digestion and our nutritional intake. A lack of collagen can result in an issue called leaky gut, resulting in the nutrients that we absorb leaking out and ultimately not receiving all the nutrients benefits.

Sleep Quality And Mood

Ensuring we get enough sleep is paramount to a healthy lifestyle both physically and mentally. Our mind needs to rest to allow our bodies to function, process our feelings and regulate our moods properly.

Glycine is an amino acid ingredient in collagen, which helps our bodies rest easier. Their effect on our neurotransmitters ensures the calming of our central nervous system, resulting in us sleeping more easily.

Therefore, it helps us sleep for longer and increases the quality of our sleep as a whole. It also has a significant effect on the quality of sleep.

This helps regulate our moods, as it allows our minds to rest to a greater degree, meaning that we process information and thoughts more efficiently and with more positivity.

Heart Health

Much like strengthening our gut lining, collagen also helps build and improve our arteries to ensure better blood flow across our bodies.

As collagen provides structure to our arteries, a lack of collagen can result in our arteries deteriorating and becoming weak and vulnerable to health conditions.

One of which is atherosclerosis – a disease that narrows the arteries, resulting in our bodies having to work harder for blood flow to continue properly; this can lead to a rise in blood pressure and long-term health effects such as heart attack or a stroke.

This is why collagen is so essential to maintain both external and internal health and lifestyle benefits.

Overall, it is so essential that we incorporate collagen into our diets wherever we can. However, it can be hard to do so naturally, which is why collagen supplements are such a great, easy and efficient replacement.

Our health should never take a back seat, no matter the season, so be sure you take care of yourself however and whenever you can.