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Best Instant Approval Credit Card: How to Get Approval for a Credit Card

In the present dynamic scenario, no one can predict financial emergencies and when they may crop up. There can be events of a medical emergency or major automobile repairs, and all these sudden needs call for an urgent fund requirement. 

The best-suited step, in this case, is to apply for a new credit card to take care of your unforeseen expenditures. Credit card application has become an easy task today, as all the credit card providers have made the application process seamless with minimum documentation requirements. 

But the major hurdle in this process is the lengthy approval times, and the credit card requires time to reach the customer. It generally takes about 10-14 business days after the approval of the card for the plastic card to reach the customer. 

However, in case of an emergency fund requirement, it may not be feasible for you to wait so long to receive the credit card. Instant approval credit cards come to your rescue in such a situation, as these cards are approved instantaneously as you finish the application process.

Through this process, the credit card issuer provides you with the digital credit card or e-credit card instantly after the approval. Hence, you can easily use the card number to carry out your purchases even before the receipt of the physical card. To assist you with how to get instant credit cards, we have compared the best available options from which you can choose.

Best Instant Credit Cards to Choose From

  1. Bajaj Finserv RBL Bank SuperCard

Bajaj Finserv co-branded credit card is the best choice among instant credit cards as it is the perfect solution to all your emergency financial requirements. The most sought-after feature of this credit card is its instant approval facility where you just need to submit the online application along with a few basic documents. If all the requirements are fulfilled, then your credit card gets instantly approved and you are provided with a digital credit card that you can use for online transactions. According to your available cash limit, this SuperCard can also be used to get instant personal loans for upto 90 days at zero processing fees and at a nominal interest rate of 1.16% per month. This credit card can also be used to withdraw interest-free cash from ATMs for a period of 50 days.

  1. HDFC Bank Instant Approval Credit Card

This Instant Approval credit card provided by HDFC Bank is highly secure and it provides you with instant ownership and activation facilities. You just need to fill an end-to-end instantaneous online application form wherein the process ends with the issue of e-copy with a password-protected file. This digital card is valid till the physical card is activated through any HDFC Bank’s ATM.  You can enjoy additional benefits worth Rs. 4,000 within the first four months of issuance of the card.

  1. Standard Chartered Virtual Credit Card

Standard Chartered Bank is a pioneer and brought forward the concept of virtual credit cards in India. You just have to apply for a credit card and once the card is approved, it can be used as a virtual credit card for all kinds of online transactions. No physical delivery of the card is required as you can easily satisfy all your urgent fund requirements using this virtual credit card. Standard Chartered offers a 360-degree reward program to its customers which includes exclusive discounts on travel bookings, partner dining, and numerous other benefits.

  1. Kotak 811 #Dream Different Credit Card

The Kotak 811 #Dream Different Credit Card is unique among the instant approval credit cards as its approval process is extremely simple. You get an opportunity to benefit from several amazing perks. On spending Rs. 500 within the first 45 days of activation, you are awarded 500 bonus reward points which can be redeemed afterwards. Also, if your spending crosses Rs. 75,000 in a year, then you are awarded a cashback amounting to Rs. 750. This credit card comes in handy in case of interest-free cash withdrawals for a period of 48 days.