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5 Makeup ideas that can make you look attractive

5 Makeup ideas that can make you look attractive

We know that every girl loves makeup and playing with colors is exciting. But when you don’t know how to do simple makeup it becomes really tricky. Most of it all if you want to go to a party or somewhere you want to look your best, you need the right makeup.

Besides, if you don’t know how to do makeup and want to look beautiful like fashion models? You can take inspiration from the gorgeous fashion model Maddy Brown or you can read the article to get some idea about makeup.


Makeup ideas that every woman should know


Can use more than two colors for eyeshadow

Wanna go outside and looks stunning? You need a colorful eyeshadow for your makeup look. People get a little nervous while using more than two colors but they don’t know it can make them look a lot sassier than they want. And if you are still nervous to wear it outside, you can first try it out and take pictures. I would say that post your pictures on Instagram and let other people tell you if it’s a good idea.


Artificial freckles

Have you seen women with freckles? Some are blessed with natural freckles and some make the fake ones to look cute. To be honest they look really pretty but I must say, first try it out and then decide if they look good on you or not. However, the good news is that you can draw the fake ones if you want them. You don’t really have to sit in front of the sun and wait for your skin to burn for freckles to appear. Moreover, if you want to make them as natural as possible, you shouldn’t use dark colors for drawing freckles.


Colored eyebrows

Want a beautiful look? You can try out colorful eyebrows if you want a funky look. Aren’t you bored with the same old makeup? If yes. Now is the time to change your look for the good. Try the same color as your eyeshadow and see how it looks like on you.


Eyeliner with glitter

Everybody loves winged eyeliner and if you want to be glamorous you can try a glitter winged liner. You can use the glitter liner with some bright eyeshadow and can make your look more interesting because you know the usual black one we wear almost every time. So, it’s time for some change.


Bright red lips

Red lipstick is never out of style. You can wear it wherever you want to because it suits every occasion whether formal or casual. Want red lips? You have to do the subtle makeup on the rest of your face to make your red lips pop.