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4 Uses For A Garden Room You Didn’t Know You Needed

When you think of a garden room, you may think, “Is that just a fancy word for a shed?”. Well, no, it’s not.

The difference is a garden shed is usually the go-to place to store the lawnmower in, or in some cases, extra chairs for the dining room, a random assortment of gardening equipment potentially even a second freezer where you store frozen meat.

It is just an extension of the one kitchen junk drawer that we all have.

Garden rooms have an ambiguous title for a reason; they can be anything you like, need or want!

Below are four uses for bespoke garden buildings that you might not have realised you needed until now…

The Home Office

Yes, in Covid times, a home office could not be more practical. While many of us found ourselves working from home this last year, conducting virtual meetings and client calls at home can be difficult due to home life distractions.

As well as having to log in and muster some motivation as the same place you relax and unwind is not ideal for motivating you to work.

So to combat this, by having a dedicated office space, you can tilter the scales on your work/life balance. Your very own office space can free up any work clutter and business efforts around your home by having its own specific room.

It can also be the push you need to help your work mindset and trigger your work mood and as a space specifically designed to spark innovation and creativity.

A Creative Space

For the creatives, a garden room can have an array of purposes.

Art lovers can transform the space into an open plan art studio to create their own masterpieces and have a private room to spark creativity.

Musicians can invest in some soundproofing and create their very own backyard music studio—a space for them to be as loud as they need. The possibilities are endless.

A Home Bar

This one’s for entertainers and party animals. A home bar is an ultimate goal for any homeowner, and it’s easy to see why.

Not only is it the perfect place to level up your summer BBQ’s, but it’s also the perfect place to get cosy and snuggle up under the stars during the colder months.

Home Gym

Again Covid has also stopped many of us from going to the gym and continuing (or, in some cases, starting) our fitness journeys. Whilst most have now returned to the gym, the convenience and ease of working out at home for some of us haven’t worn off.

By having your gym in your backyard, not only does this mean you don’t have to stand around in the gym and wait till your favourite machine is available, but you also don’t have to pay for it either!

A home gym is also the ideal space for personal trainers and fitness professionals, as it gives you the freedom and opportunity to run your own classes and sessions from the comfort of your back garden, but also the privacy of not letting your clients in your actual home.

Whatever your purpose or reason you can think of with a garden room or even a pod, you create your private sanctuary to either blow off some steam, unwind and relax or even increase your motivation; a garden room is the ultimate homeowner flex.