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4 Features and Options in Instagram Chatbots that Can Deftly Facilitate the Users

Instagram is one of the most popular mobile apps in the world as it offers some amazing options for sharing pictures and videos. In the earlier days, it was an app just for fun as only teenagers and young people were interested in it. Then slowly businesses thought about it as a place to make their presence felt and brands started to target their audience. 

Nowadays, businesses know that they have a real chance in making their product tick with the intended audience which uses this app. Now, professionals from different fields, and especially small businesses and startups, use this app to make a sound start. Businesses feel they can get going with an Instagram account but the queries from their current and prospective customers may be too much to handle. That is where the chatbots come into play. 

Why the Very Idea of Chatbots for Instagram in the First Place?

I am sure that most of my readers have used Facebook messenger or any other tools like that. The chatbots for Instagram also offer something that can be of great help to both the user and the companies.  

The general idea about a chatbot is that it is a program that is made for automatic response and sends specific messages by direct messaging to a user. Any messages sent via DM will trigger the automated response from the bot. This is specifically helpful in quickly responding to the audience where live chat may lag behind. 

Read on as I discuss what usually users are up to and what a chatbot can do in pleasing them. 

Most of the users ask very basic sample questions like menu items and how to use the word. For this purpose, an experience with a resource on live chat may be underutilized. That is why this is amongst the best and cost-effective ways for any company to make it count. More on this in the first point later on. 

So, what can be some of the best features of it as there can be app ideas that can work wonders for any company? And how can it increase awareness about a product and make a company effortlessly reach its audience? The following four factors explain this and how IG chatbots can be used efficiently and effectively by every business. 

  1. Effortless Reach and Better Customer Support 

Any company regardless of its nature of business and size needs to get in touch with its current and prospective customers. For a platform like Instagram, the concerned businesses must be aware that there are several aspects in which the audience is unique as compared to what they will get on a typical website. This is due to the user base of this app as most of the people are young and use Instagram frequently. 

Just like Facebook messenger offers support to the company, IG chatbot also works for the company so that they can make things work for them. 

Handling a large number of queries and customers is another great feature as small and medium businesses may get numerous queries from their current and prospective customers. This scenario can escalate during the busy summer months and the holiday season. There aren’t 

Multilingual Support 

While most people understand English and can ask a question in this language, there is a sizable majority that likes to ask questions and get the answers in their native language. Especially the people from France and Germany don’t like to talk much in other languages, for them, a chatbot not offering multilingual support may not be the ideal support.

Multilingual support is also an option that adds lots of variety to any software and chatbot is no different. People who are comfortable in English may want to know some aspects in detail in their native language to understand the issue better. 

  1. Resolving the Queries in Real Time 

Resolving issues and queries in real time is another aspect that makes the use of chatbots effective for businesses. There can be an issue that can make a user annoyed and frustrated and resolution may be very easy. A chatbot can fix this issue within a few seconds rather than the same person going from one pillar to post in bed to find the solution. The person may use an email address to get any reply and that can take several hours. A chatbot can fix these issues in a jiffy and is a win-win situation for customers and the company. 

  1. Surveys and Feedback

There are added features in a chatbot that can make it do several tasks other than answering the queries for customers. One of them is a survey as it can ask random people asking a question to fill out a small survey. This way is targeted related to the question that the person has asked so that to get his viewpoint or also offer him anything which may suit him. 

Similarly, getting feedback from a customer can also let the company know what they think about its services and other features. A feedback form can be easier to offer and many people are willing to fill in the feedback rather than a survey, even if it consists of just four to five options. Feedback offers a company a chance to know exactly what are the areas where they have to focus so that to give their audience the maximum benefit and a great experience. 

  1. Nurture Leads 

After getting the response from surveys and feedback, nurturing leads can become easier. A company can be in a better position to know what its target audience is looking for in its products or how it can improve its service. Attracting more customers through IG is now easier but the chatbot needs to be exquisite in nature. Businesses can get support from a reputed mobile app development company to make things easier for them with a bot that is customized according to their requirements. 

Over to you

What is your experience of using a chatbot for Instagram for your business? Or have you used any chatbot yourself? Please share any experience of yours with the readers of this blog. If you have a question that is bothering you, you are more than welcome to speak up. 

For any feedback too, please use the comments section below.