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How to Beautify Your Space With Wall Decals

Are you desperate for your next DIY or home makeover? Are you constantly on the hunt for new home decor ideas? Or maybe you are completely new to this and are looking for an easy beginner’s project? 

No matter if you are a beginner or a home makeover expert, in this article, we will introduce you to wall decals and talk you through the best ways to use them in your home. 

But before we jump into the different design ideas, let us have a look at what wall decals actually are. 

What are decals? 

The terms used in the decal universe are manifold: stickers, labels, graphics, decals. What is the difference? There is no inherent difference between all of these terms. They refer to  adhesive-backed paper or plastic pieces that can be printed on. 

However, it can be helpful to keep the distinctions sticker printing companies make in mind. Stickers are usually individually cut, whereas labels arrive on sheets. This makes labels the ideal choice for product labels. Decals are larger pieces of adhesive backed material but are still individually cut. 

Since wall stickers are usually bigger than the smaller versions you associate with phone or laptop stickers, they are often referred to as decals. 

And what makes wall decals special? 

Usually, stickers are printed, laminated and cut. Wall decals, on the other hand, are directly cut from a piece of vinyl. This means that the outline of your decals will be laser cut. Once the vinyl is weeded, it will leave you with each individual piece of your design being peelable. 

Other than transparent stickers, which have your design printed on clear vinyl, wall decals have no background at all. Instead, the pieces are held together by a so-called transfer tape that makes the application a lot easier. Just have a look at the above image to see the great effect this can create.

Why you should use wall decals 

Wall decals are perfect for quick and low-cost home makeovers, even in rented spaces. They are not only super easy to apply but can also be removed effortlessly without leaving any adhesive residue – much easier than having to repaint numerous walls before moving out. 

Despite the affordable price, they create stunning effects, are incredibly versatile and allow you to add a personal touch to your space. 

But let us take a look at the many ways you can use wall decals to beautify your home. 

  1. Single large-scale eye-catchers

Wall decals are most used to create large-scale designs. These are great statement pieces you can use to highlight specific areas of a room. Wall decals can be printed at a much larger size which makes them perfect for bold designs that can really stand out. 

If you choose to use custom printed wall decals, there will be no limits to your creativity, and you can create a unique design that fits your space and your personality perfectly.

Great examples of this are a knife and fork for the kitchen walls, a map of the world for your living room or a big dandelion in the hallway. 

  1. Nursery makeover 

You can really spice up your nursery with wall decals. That can be a personalized name sticker to welcome your new tiny human into the world or larger, interactive cutouts of animals, letters or numbers. 

The below image shows a great example of that. The unicorn adds a personal touch and the design can even grow as the character of your kid develops. You can add their favorite TV show or book characters and eventually personalize their entire room with wall decals. 

  1. Tile stickers 

Are you bored with your kitchen or bathroom but unsure how to elevate their looks? A tile makeover might just be perfect for you. It is the ideal occupation for a rainy Sunday. 

All you have to do is to get decals for the entire surface or the size of each individual tile with a great pattern printed on. You can watch these rooms transform within minutes. Pinterest is a great source of inspiration for this; just have a browse for “tile stickers” and get sticking! 

If you want to try this, we recommend choosing vinyl stickers. These will withstand condensation, scratches and water without peeling off. 

  1. Seasonal greetings

Seasonal decorations are an absolute interior must-have and wall decals make even large transformations easy to remove and replace. 

If you are feeling cherry blossoms in the spring, but want it all cozy and cuddly for fall, they are your perfect option. They can be removed without damaging the wallpaper and, if stored correctly, you can even reapply them next season. 

Just look at this Halloween-themed design that gets you into that fall mood immediately. All you need now is a fuzzy blanket, a pumpkin spiced latte and your favorite movie. 

We hope you enjoyed our little journey into the world of wall decals, and maybe we could even inspire you to give them a try? If so, or if you are already an expert who loves using them around the home, we would love to hear from you in the comments below.