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What Qualifies As Vintage Clothing?

We’ve probably all got something we consider vintage in our wardrobe, whether it’s your mum’s tennis skirt from the 90s or your favourite charity shop find. But what does the term vintage really mean, and what qualifies as vintage clothing?


What Qualifies?

Within the fashion industry, vintage clothing is often classified as a style that is 20 years or older (if this item survives beyond 50 years, it’s sometimes called “antique”). Meanwhile, a standard definition of ‘vintage clothing’ is related to garments originating from a different era. 


Vintage is about reinventing styles from the past in your unique way and bringing them into the present day. It can also include mixing vintage garments with new to create an ensemble of different styles and periods. 


Finding Vintage Clothing Online


With so many clothing sites claiming to offer vintage clothing, finding quality vintage clothing online that’s faithful to the era it originated from can be challenging. Sites like Depop provide a whole host of preloved clothing, but if you’re looking for a specific style, you might want to look for retailers that have a more specialised approach to vintage.


Sites dedicated to offering quality vintage pieces, like Beyond Retro, Relco London and Cow, are a more reliable source of vintage styles. While Beyond Retro and Cow both sell preloved pieces, brands like Relco London design their own pieces based on past styles. 


Vintage dedicated online retailers like ASOS marketplace have hundreds of sellers providing clothing from many different eras. Whether you’re on the hunt for a vintage sweatshirt from your favourite brand, the perfect pair of vintage shorts or a one-off vintage dress, the sellers do all the hard work sourcing quality, one-of-a-kind items. 

Why Buy Vintage?


Whether it’s new or preloved, vintage-style clothing provides the opportunity to create a unique outfit that adventures beyond the colours and styles of high street fashion. After all, who wants to look the same as everyone else? 


With trends seeming to come back around periodically, you may be wearing vintage styles without even realising. 


For example, tight-fitting leggings were a trend of the 80s, while high-waisted shorts first became popular around the 1950s. These pieces are now a staple in the modern wardrobe but became a style statement decades earlier.


Not only does vintage fashion provide an opportunity to express your unique style and personality, buying preloved pieces is a more sustainable way to shop. Giving vintage clothing a new home can extend its lifespan and reduce the waste produced by fast fashion items.

Get Your Vintage On!


Still unsure where to shop your must-have vintage styles? Remember to use customer reviews to gauge the customer experience and the quality of the products. 

The ‘About Us’ page of a site is also helpful to understand the inspiration behind the designs or how the vintage clothing is sourced. If you’re looking for genuine vintage pieces, the product descriptions should also tell you a bit about the style and origin of the piece.

You may want to check out other online vintage retailers, including Thrifted, Etsy, Rokit, and Gold Thrift Vintage. These sites offer a combination of genuine vintage with retro-inspired handmade pieces, reworked from older items and upcycled materials.