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Party Decoration Ideas for Your Family Reunion

For all the fights and differences you may have with your family, at the end of the day, you can’t help but love them because they are such an important part of who you are. Unfortunately, you can’t live with them forever either. You might go off to college, your siblings may pursue their careers elsewhere, and just like that, the whole family gets scattered.

But that’s the thing about families. You can’t stay separated for too long, not when your roots are so tangled and intertwined. You simply can’t help but call for a family reunion every summer or on special occasions. That’s why we are here to share some ways to jazz up your family reunions and have memorable parties.

Indoor Parties


If you are looking forward to reuniting with your family, talk for long hours, have delicious food, and tremendous fun, you might want to plan something inside the walls of your house. We say this as the comfort inside your home does not have a replacement.

Clean your guest room and call family over. Stock your fridge and cook your family’s favorites. Once you have talked to your hearts’ content and had a hearty dinner, you can all settle down. Since it is a family reunion, why not make it more memorable by exchanging gifts. Go online and order customized gifts. There is an endless variety of family reunion personalized gifts that you can choose from.

Later at night, finish off your day by watching a movie. What could be better than watching old family tapes that are sure to refresh everyone’s fond memories?

A Nook for the Kids

Kids love to have a separate place for themselves, but it is even more fun if it is an exciting place like a play tent. So, you might want to gather some sheets and cushions and form a tent-like place for them, where the kids could huddle together, share stories, and play board games. To add an added touch, you can put up some fairy lights.

For even more fun, you can scatter some customized items around the tent. These could be small things such as personalized cushions or balloons or even water bottles or cups.

Themed Party

You could have a themed party if you want to have something out of the ordinary and wish to make your family reunion even more memorable. The theme could be anything; maybe you all dress up in one color or as your favorite character from a book or a TV show.

A fun idea could be a “Friends” themed party. The cast members of the iconic television show “Friends” have fans all over the world. If you want to go the extra mile, you can even add some decoration items similar to those on the show, like the purple frame that hung on Monica’s door or Phoebe’s iconic paintings. There are various decoration items available on the market that you can buy at economical prices.

Outdoor Parties

You can use your backyard to entertain family, as outdoor fun is usually welcomed by children and adults alike. Just make sure to choose a warm sunny day so that it does not rain on everyone’s plans.


Have you been itching to take your grill out and make some delicious barbeque? What could be a better occasion than a family reunion, right? So, flip some burgers, grill some chicken, beef kebabs, and seasonal vegetables, and let the feast begin!


You might want to extend your barbeque with a bonfire or solely have a bonfire. Light a bonfire in your backyard and set a cozy seating arrangement around the fire pit. You can hang some fairy lights or lanterns to provide a dim light, which also adds to the ambiance.

Call your friends and have a fantastic night where you chat and listen to others. Order some pizza, and do not forget to chill some drinks beforehand.

Pool Party

Don’t want to have a bonfire during summer, or do you feel that the kids would not enjoy the bonfire or a barbeque as much? Then, you may want to have your family reunion in somebody’s backyard and by the pool.

A pool party is perfect to beat some heat and to have fun with the family. The kids have a blast, and the elders also like to laze around the pool.

Prepare a lot of food and snacks as water activities tend to make the children hungry a little too fast. Also, you can load up reusable cutlery, so you do not have to worry about doing the dishes immediately.

Birthday Party

If you have a big family, there will always be someone whose birthday is around the corner. Select the day of the family reunion such that you can celebrate a family member’s birthday party. Get a personalized cake and go crazy with the decoration. If the party is taking place on short notice, you might want to blow some balloons and get birthday party table decorations so that it still feels put together and party-like.

Wrapping Up

Family reunions are fun occasions, and you can make them even more fun by adding a little thought into them. Choose the day wisely so that all family members can come and make the day even more memorable by putting up some personalized decorations around the house.