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3 Tips To Get The Most Out Of Your Garden This Summer

One of the few joys we’ve been able to enjoy during the past several months is spending time in our gardens and outside areas, assuming we’re lucky enough to have them. 

With the added benefit of pleasant weather, many people have turned their attention to renovating whatever outdoor space they have into a location where they enjoy spending time and making memories. 

Garden Cabins

Garden cabins and pods are a stylish way to spend more time in your garden throughout the year. They essentially increase your living area and let you stay and enjoy your garden regardless of the weather. 

Bespoke pods are becoming very popular, as they are designed to suit you and your needs. Garden cabins and summer cottages are versatile and can be used for various reasons, such as a hobby room, a games room, or simply a hideaway to get away from it all. 

DIY Wildlife Sanctuary

If you enjoy wildlife, you may consider designing a wildlife sanctuary in your garden. Hang bird feeders on the tall hedges and trees; you can even incorporate a birdbath within the shrubs if you want to attract birds. 

Garden insects are also beneficial to your garden since they fertilise your plants. With this in mind, try to include nectar-producing plants, and you might even consider creating a bug hotel.

A seed feeder is a quick and easy technique to attract more birds to your garden. If you’re feeling crafty, make a bird feeder out of a repurposed plastic bottle. 

If squirrels are a problem in your neighbourhood, a squirrel-proof feeder might be a better option. Smaller birds can only get to the food through them.

Longer grass gives protection against the elements, producing a microclimate beneath the stalks. Not mowing your lawn causes flowers to blossom, which is beneficial to bees. 

However, creatures that feed on worms, such as blackbirds and sparrows, benefit from mowed areas.

Common frogs, smooth newts, and common toads are among the six amphibians belonging to the UK. They’re all effective pest controllers who eat a range of invertebrates and insects. 

A little pond in your garden is a superb method to keep these amphibians happy, and it may even attract dragonflies during their active season in the summer. 

Fun with Kids

Summer is a great time to spend with your kids, and you want them to enjoy the outdoors and not worry about them being stuck to their screens. If you want it to be, your garden can be the ideal getaway, especially if you can’t leave the country. 

A sunny day is an ideal time to bring out the inflatable pool. A paddling pool in your garden would provide hours of entertainment for you and your children. 

You can keep the excitement going for hours and get a tan while you’re at it by keeping the water topped up and eating your lunch outside. Inflatable pools can be found for a reasonable price online and in some stores.

Likewise, you may consider having a sports day. You can turn your backyard into the ultimate sports field, depending on its size, setting up a goal with two paint cans or anything you have lying around the garden. This provides an excellent location to play football while also getting that energy out of their system! 

You may set up a swingball set or even a trampoline if you have space. These are all excellent ideas for entertaining children and keeping them out of the house and active this summer.


Finally, if you want to get the most out of your garden this summer, invest in a stunning centrepiece that you won’t be able to look at without heading outside! Ever thought about garden sculptures, which are both luxurious and striking? 

There are many more ways to make the most of your garden, but here are a few of the greatest. Enjoy the sun whilst summer is around.