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7 Tips To Make Your Diet Healthier

I once read somewhere that changing a person’s religion is easier than changing his eating habits. And I totally agree with this, we are less likely to give up our eating habits. I’m not blaming you for unhealthy eating, maybe we are living lives where we have less time to give it to ourselves. Living a busy life with hectic schedules and relying on readymade food products has contributed to our unhealthy lifestyle habits.

Let me tell you, once my aunt was suffering from a heart problem and going to the best Nutritionist in Peshawar. She was ready to take extra medicines but she was not willing to leave unhealthy eating. And I don’t need to tell what the physician’s reaction was. 

How can you ensure healthy eating? 

Let me share some of the useful tips that can help you to switch to a healthier lifestyle.

1- Have realistic expectations

Healthy eating has several benefits including weight loss. I’ve often seen people asking how they can lose 20 or 30 kgs in two weeks. And believe me, I haven’t heard anything more stupid than this. First of all, you need to understand that living a healthy life or losing weight is not a marathon. It’s an individual battle and one thing that can work well for one person might be ineffective for the other one. So, rather than burdening yourself, make yourself clear how you can set small achievable goals.

Tip: Set small achievable goals and reward yourself every time you reach a milestone.

2- Keep yourself motivated

I completely understand that losing weight is a whole lengthy process with many difficulties along the way. It’s natural to get tired after a certain period of time and anyone can get bored. But you can keep yourself motivated whenever you feel exhausted. One of the things you can do to motivate yourself is to ask somebody to keep a check on your diet. Moreover, you can also get a fitness buddy and you two can start together and keep each other motivated throughout the journey.

3- Stop junk shopping!

One of the biggest reasons due to which we tend to eat more is the availability of food. The more unhealthy food you will have in your vicinity you will automatically consume it. So, another good way to stop the consumption of unhealthy food products is to stop shopping for them. Additionally, you can also try getting smaller packaging of the food products rather than getting bigger ones.

4- Forget all or none approach

Most of the time, we see people self-limiting themselves. This black and white thinking that either you can eat healthy or unhealthy is the major road blocker in your path of a healthy lifestyle. I’ll say don’t force yourself to choose one side; instead, you can go for a flexible approach. You can start with adding or eliminating one of two things from your diet and slowly improve yourself.

5- Surround yourself with healthy food items

Surrounding yourself with healthy food items is as important as avoiding unhealthy food items. You can plan healthy meal preps on the weekend for the upcoming week. When you’ll have healthy foods around you you’ll not eat unhealthy foods (at least most of the time). You can try healthy snack options to full-fledged healthy meals to keep yourself on track.

6- Do mindful eating

We all prefer to have some side activity while eating and most of the time it’s watching television and being on our mobile phone. But what it does to us is that despite eating a heavy meal proportion our appetite is not satisfied that ultimately leads to overeating. So, make sure whenever you are eating, your food is filling for both your mind and body.

Watching television is not only harmful due to induced overeating but it can also lead to injuries. I remember once my friend had to take her daughter to the emergency room at a lady Reading Hospital in Peshawar as the child managed to injure herself while attempting to eat with a fork.

7- Don’t be too strict in yourself

It’s good to monitor your progress but being too strict to yourself can do more harm than good. For example, if you once got out of track don’t put yourself in guilt for too long. Because, in the end, your guilt will result in a stress eating session and will even consume more than previously consumed calories.

Takeaway note!

Rather than making healthy eating an obligation make sure you take it as a lifestyle habit to enjoy long-term benefits.