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Maryam Hussain Latest Collection Eid Festive 2021

We have come to a point in time where everyone has a lot many options to choose from. This honestly brings a shopping dilemma for us ladies. Normally, we go for the few tried and tested ones because it is a hard time trying out new ones since exploring new options is time-consuming and at one might end up not being fully satisfied by the purchase. I rely a lot on the opinion of my friends and family members. My friend once advised me to try Maryam Hussain and then onwards, I have been their loyal customer. I have my eyes on all their latest collection. The trendy look it gives out is what attracts me. The rich bright colors and the artwork involved in its making is commendable. Its fashion statement resonates with people of taste and those seeking top-notch quality. There are some things upon which one can simply not compromise and the sort of attire one wears speaks volumes about an individual and this brand never fails to impress.


On one occasion, my extended family was coming from abroad and they were to stay in Pakistan for quite some time. Summers were just around the corner and they needed to purchase lawn suits. I recommended them Maryam Hussain’s eid festive 2021. They not only loved it and purchased it a lot many times but down to this day, I am sending them their new collection to States. Half of our conversations on Face time revolve around us discussing the latest launch, the trendiest look, and the best buys. My aunt – khala Sajda is even planning to start her own haul videos presenting this brand. I bet she is going to have a lot many views. I should surely start asking for much expensive gifts.


I have to tell you all that – Zeenia is my current favourite outfit. The colour – teal blue and bright pink is a combination made in heaven. The detailing of the embroidery reflects the hard work and dedication put into its very making. I have worn this one on so many occasions and every time it has earned me compliments from all ends. You guys need to tell me what is your favourite…?


I have to tell you of the time when my friend and I ended my accidentally wearing the same outfit by this brand – Chambeli. As fancy as the name sounds; the outfit is no less. Qurat – my friend and I ended up taking many photographs and till date, we have the highest Instagram likes of the one we posted wearing it. We laugh it out every time this topic is brought up. Social media hits do at times serve to calibrate the overall look and getting many appraisals boosts one’s morale – we all can agree to this aspect.


The thing that attracts me the most is the brand mantra; the power and force that keeps it going. It has a mission of innovation and bringing the “all-new”. One is bound to safeguard their cred on this; you have my word for this. The dedicated team ensures that the customers get the very best and every new season the expectations of the public are set higher and the brand never fails to deliver onto their expectations; at times surpassing. It is this dedication to work that gets reflected in the entire line and the checkout is always followed with excitement and wait for the gorgeous outfits.


I have turned on my subscription to get the latest updates and stay posted to all the available discounted prices, bestsellers, and outfits falling under the category of – Trending. Following them on Instagram and Facebook is also a must. Being aware of what’s out there and have an array of options to choose from can be tricky at times but it also gives you the discretion of choosing the one that is to your utmost liking. Online purchasing also fills in the potential buyer with the needed details/ descriptions of the outfits. This has made me more inclined towards buying online and given the current situation; it is the safest option and the most convenient one too.


Eid is around the corner and I am packing up three of the lovely outfits – Gulab, Kesar, and Vasal for my bhabi as a token of love from her in-laws. Mom made sure that I pack it right. I could be sloppy when it comes to wrapping but I did my best *cheeky grin*. I have to admit bhai also played his part in selecting the aforementioned outfits. I am sure he must have been asking bhabi all along *giggles*.


Our next-door neighbour – Mrs. Adil happened to switch between brands but she too admitted that every season – she gets stuff from here too. After all these years we found one thing common between us. She is a very difficult woman to please and coming from her; this had to be true. Since then I have started to see her differently (LOL).


Some things in life come and go but some are here to stay. Mariyam Hussain certainly STAYS. Wearing their ensemble is always akin to a bespoke suit purchase. It honestly seems that they were designed and made for you!


The collaboration of Laam with the Maryam Hussain has truly made the shopping voyage easier, simpler, quicker, and more convenient. The fashion consultants are there to help you around the clock and all left to worry is what shoes I’d be matching the outfit with; also not to forget the jewelry; ah, and the bag – (cheese!), being a woman is hard (wink wink).


I can go on and on with this but have to wake early in the morning and make tea for Maa and head to our darzi with all the unstitched pieces that we have already purchased. You guys should also get going; don’t want to miss out on the best buys. We sure shall be saving a lot of time because we need not buy any additional embellishments. After all, it offers a whole package.