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10 Little Known Facts About Children Burned

10 Little Known Facts About Children Burned

How would you feel if someone was burning your skin? That’s how children feel when they are burned. Burns can happen in many ways, and it is important to know the warning signs of burns so that you or your child doesn’t get hurt.

This blog post will discuss 10 little-known facts about children who have been burned.

A child who is burned needs to be taken to a doctor right away.

1) A severe burn can happen within a few seconds. Some of these burns are called ‘flash’ or ‘contact’ burns, and they happen when a person touches something that’s so hot, it causes a burn immediately. For example, touching the bottom of a pan that’s just come out of the oven, or grabbing something that is too hot. Other burns are ‘scald’ burns caused when someone spills boiling water or other hot liquids on them.

2) Burns can be very dangerous. The severity of the burn depends on how deep it goes, and how big it is. A burn can be very dangerous if it goes deep under the skin. A burn may also cause blisters, and these blisters can lead to infection.

3) While most burns start off as ‘red’ (or reddish-orange), they don’t stay like that forever. When children burned, their skin will change color depending on how deep the burn goes. A ‘red’ burn means that there is no damage to the skin, but as it gets worse it will turn black, gray, or white depending on how deep it is.

4) Burns can be deceptively dangerous. For example, if a child’s feet are burned they could end up not being able to walk. If a child’s hands are burned, they can’t grab or pick things up. If a child gets burned on their face, the burn could affect their eyesight. That is why it’s important to protect your child from burns by making sure that hot liquids don’t spill on them and that they aren’t left alone with flammable objects.

5) When a child is burned they need love, hugs, and attention. If you touch someone who is burned it will hurt them more than if you leave them alone. Make sure to be comforting when you talk to your child or show that you care by hugging them!

6) Burns on the upper body are dangerous. When a child is burned on their face or hands they risk getting other infections. These infections can be life-threatening without the proper treatment.

7) Burns should never ‘smoke’ if you try and put them out because that’s a bad sign. There are many first aid tactics for burns, and one of these first aid tactics is to put the fire out with water, but if it ‘smokes’, the burn might have gone deep under the skin. This is why you should always call 911 or take your child to a doctor instead of putting it out with water because they might need special treatment due to how serious the burn is.

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8) Children who are burned often need surgery. If the burn is not very serious or just on their skin, then they usually don’t need surgery. However if the burn goes deep under the skin, often it needs to be cut out and closed with stitches. This is important because it helps prevent infection from setting in.

9) Burns can leave scars. Some scars are bigger than others, but they all hurt children. Scars are also very difficult to manage because when they heal over time, the skin can become thickened and dry, especially if it’s in a place where the sun doesn’t reach. The best way to prevent scars is to make sure that your child gets treated immediately after getting burned by talking to a doctor (remember to ask your doctor about scar cream!)

10) All burns are preventable. If you have children, one of the best things you can do is teach them how to be safe around hot objects. Before they start walking, make sure they know not to touch hot objects! Also, when you are cooking or doing laundry or other things that have a risk of hot liquids, make sure to turn the handles away from your children so they don’t grab them by accident!