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Benefits of Students Studying in CBSE Board

These days one of the biggest challenges parents face is choosing the right education board for their children. Parents start worrying about their kids’ admission as they grow up. In this cut-throat competition, most parents get confused about the relevant board selection. In India, when it comes to choosing an education board students have very few choices available. Students can choose either the Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE) or the Council for the Indian School Certificate Examination (CISCE) or the State Board.


In India, as per the education experts students, those who pass out from the Central Board of Secondary Education have the maximum chances to qualify for the top exams. But, practically speaking, every Board has their pros and cons in terms of teaching methodology. In India, the Central Board of Secondary Education is one of the largest and oldest boards. It is one of the eminent and recognized boards of school in India. In 1952, the CBSE Board got its first recognition as an education board. The curriculum followed by the CBSE Board is of international level which helps students to outperform in their respective exams.

5 Benefits of Studying in CBSE Board

1. CBSE Board Student-Friendly Curriculum


CBSE provides a student-friendly curriculum and is designed keeping in mind that it has to be student-centric. The curriculum is structured based on an appropriate age basis. CBSE Board advises all its affiliated schools to follow NCERT textbooks. The textbooks prescribed by NCERT helps students to grasp the concepts easily so that they can gain knowledge with joy. It also increases the productivity of the students. The Board regularly surveys their curriculum and keeps it updated according to the recent trends in the education field.

2. Students Are Well-prepared For Various Competitive Exams.


Students pursuing their studies under the CBSE Board get an opportunity to sit for various competitive exams and other government-based exams. While preparing for competitive exams, students should follow NCERT textbooks. NCERT textbooks are considered as one of the best resources of study material for CBSE students. NCERT, along with prescribing the textbook also provides solutions for these textbooks for both Class 10 and 12 students. If students face any problem or have any doubt, they can refer to these solutions available subject-wise.

3. Online Study Materials Can Be Accessed Easily


Students can access online study materials from the official website of The Central Board of Secondary Education for Class 10 and 12. It provides essential study materials such as sample papers, previous year papers, result information, exam date, etc. The CBSE Board provides scholarships for needy students. The Board promotes quality education and also motivates students to indulge themselves in co-curricular activities. It provides students with an opportunity to explore a wide range of sports which pushes them to participate at the national level.

4. Revamp of Examination Structure


The Board is shifting its exam pattern towards an international approach in terms of marking scheme and exam pattern. It puts emphasis on the thorough understanding and learning of students so that they don’t need to mug up things to get better grades in their exam. While framing the exam paper, the CBSE Board keeps in mind what students have learnt in the entire academic session. If we compare CBSE Board to other international boards, we can say that the pass percentage is higher than the failure percentage.


In this article, we have mentioned some advantages of studying in the CBSE Board, like, the curriculum is student-friendly and the teaching methodology is facilitative to Indian education. The Board also provides students with marking schemes such as the Marking Scheme of CBSE Class 10 and 12 so that they can score excellent marks in their exam. The CBSE Board also provides a dedicated syllabus for all the standards such as the CBSE syllabus for Class 11 Physics, Chemistry, Biology, etc.


We can conclude by saying that pursuing a career in the CBSE Board has always proved to be beneficial in uplifting the academic career.