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Reducing the Stress and Why to Buy Hookah Online

The popularity of hookah in Canada cannot be challenged, and it’s a perfect alternative to cigarettes. Devices equipped with water pipes appeal to many individuals, particularly the young generation, with easy accessibility and various flavours. You can buy hookah online from a bong shop in Canada at affordable prices and smoke shisha (hookah) with a variety of flavour options available to you. Many hookah users believe that shisha is good at relieving stress. In this post, we shall tell you how hookah smoking works for your health when it comes to overcoming the stress that can upset your performance to do your daily tasks. Before we tell, you let us put a light to the question: What Is Hookah? 

What Is Hookah (Shisha)?

Hookah or shisha is a water pipe device that has different names in distinct cultures. It is one of the oldest methods to consume tobacco, and it is becoming popular in the world. Shisha smoking is a popular activity in the U.S. (United States) and Canada. Individuals at the age of 18 or above can buy hookah and start feeling its effects once they smoke this conventional device. Hookah smoking is a better alternative to a cigarette because smoking this tobacco pipe prevents your teeth from staining. It is not the case with cigarettes.

Moreover, hookah provides you with a fresher smeller and have a unique experience with its various shisha flavours. The main advantage of hookah remains reducing the stress. Now let us come to our main topic: Hookah and Stress Alleviation.

Hookah and Stress Alleviation:-

As human beings, we are exposed to stressful situations day by day, causing a change in homeostasis within us. Stress is a biological response caused by the intrinsic and extrinsic stimulus affecting our mental health. Hippocampus, Amygdala, and Prefrontal Cortex are areas of the brain containing high levels of Glucocorticoid Receptors controlled by our central stress response system, which gets activated with the releasing hormones and increases levels of Epinephrine and Norepinephrine that also stimulates the stress in us.

Shisha flavours are comprised of nicotine that is an amine (addictive agent added to tobacco products). Once we inhale nicotine in the form of smoke, it immediately enters our bloodstream. Usually, it takes two to eight seconds from the time of inhale to cross our blood-brain barrier. The nicotine holds fast to nicotine cholinergic receptors within our brain, causing the production of neurotransmitter releases. It is dopamine that is the main neurotransmitter that gets releases and is responsible for making us feel pleased. It is one of the reasons why one might get addicted to shisha smoking. If you also want to feel the pleasure of shisha flavours and the effect of nicotine, you can buy hookah online from one of the smoke shops in Canada. On average, the nicotine present in shisha flavours is 1.04mg per puff. This average is low as compared to the daily cigarettes. You get relief from stress once you inhale the nicotine present in shisha; the same goes true for various tobacco products.

Best Flavours You Can Enjoy with Hookah Smoking and Reduce Your Stress:-

You may often search for the best flavours to smoke shisha in Canada. Yes, there were only a few flavours for shisha smoking in the past, and the people wanted to try more. Therefore, smoking shops made their effort to help smokers with the availability of more flavours. Today, you will find many shisha flavours available in the online smoking shops, including apple, peach, mint, papaya, orange, vanilla, and watermelon. While smoking shisha, you will taste tobacco and be in a state of relaxation. In other words, you will feel refreshed and free from any stress with hookah smoking. Hookah smoking is undoubtedly a great alternative to cigarettes for stress relief without getting your teeth stained.


Hookah is a popular smoking device, and its flavoured tobacco has nicotine that aids in the release of dopamine once inhaled. Such a release causes the individual to feel good and sense of relaxation when stressed. It is also a safer substitute to cigarettes for stress removal, in contrast to the nicotine level contained in both of these. Low nicotine level is also one of the chief reasons you do not become addicted to shisha flavours. Some people have a belief that hookah is dangerous for health, whereas some do not care and keep on smoking hookah to reduce their stress and enjoy various shisha flavours using this old and very popular smoking instrument. Apple, peach, mint, papaya, orange, vanilla, and watermelon are some of the popular flavours when it comes to hookah smoking. With these flavours, you will have different feelings concerning your sensation; however, hookah smoking’s core objective remains the same for many smokers, reducing their stress. If you want to enjoy smoking shisha with various flavours and get rid of the stress, you can buy hookah online at affordable rates.

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