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5 Tips for Exercising Safely After an Injury

Have you been sidelined by an exercise injury? Are you more anxious than ever to get back to your regular exercise routine?

Pat yourself on the back for having a regular exercise routine. Adults need at least 150 minutes of aerobic exercise a week for good health. After that pat, give yourself a break. 

You don’t want to end up losing even more exercise time because you didn’t resume your routine in a safe manner. 

If you’ve been out of your regular exercise routine due to an injury, read on for 5 tips for exercising safely.

1. Listen to Your Body

If you’re in the good habit of exercise, sometimes it’s tough listening to your body. You don’t want to miss a workout. You’re afraid of getting lazy and losing your momentum or even muscle mass. 

Listen to your body. If you’re feeling tired, stressed or strained, it’s okay to go slower or take a day or two off. Studies show that athletes can take up to three weeks off without losing muscle mass. 

2. Listen to Your Doctor

Did your doctor prescribe physical therapy (PT)? Do all your sessions. 

PT isn’t always fun, and it’s often inconvenient. That physical therapy you miss out on now could affect you for the rest of your life. 

As you age, your mobility declines. What you think is a little problem now can get much worse later. A physical therapist teaches you what you need to know when it comes to exercising safely. 

3. Keep Moving

Avoid the exercises that injured you but as long as it’s okay with your PT and doctor, don’t stop moving. Being sedentary isn’t healthy but that doesn’t mean you have to run a 5K. 

There are so many low-impact exercises that are great for your health. Swimming is a great low-impact exercise. Walking and yoga are other low-impact activities. 

Coming back from an injury is harder if you don’t maintain some movement. If you feel any pain while moving, stop, and consult your doctor. 

4. Nutrition

Nutrition doesn’t help you exercise safely but it will help you stay on track so you can. You want to keep your body functioning well until you’re back in your exercise routine. 

A healthy diet is important when you’re exercising and even more important when you’re not exercising. Eat plenty of fruits and veggies. 

This is a great time for detoxing and working on your kidney and liver function

5. Consider a Trainer

Consider using a trainer while you’re easing back to your exercise routine. A trainer helps with proper form. She can also offer alternative exercise routines. 

Make Exercising Safely a Priority

You should always make exercising safely a priority, especially after an injury. Listen to your body and give it the rest it needs. 

Don’t forget to listen to your doctor and the physical therapist too. If the doctor sends you to PT, do all your sessions. Trade out your normal exercise routine for something low-impact and safe to keep your body moving. 

Concentrate on good nutrition to keep your body running smoothly and keep your weight down. Also, consider enlisting the help of a trainer. 

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